Cloud Peak Mountains West (AR5200)

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This area is situated directly to the east of the Gnoll Stronghold, so expect to see a lot of gnolls around. There are also a few wolves in the region, so be prepared.

1 - Gnolls

When you approach the group of gnolls here, Ludrug the gnoll champion will come up to you and demand a 50 gp tribute for passing through their territory. You can either pay the toll, fight Ludrug, or fight all of them.

If you choose to fight Ludrug, then he'll pick a champion from your party (this always seems to be the character with the highest level), and he'll start fighting him/her. Ludrug will remain neutral, so your champion will have to force-attack him to fight back. If anybody else attacks Ludrug, then you'll fail the duel and all of the gnolls will turn hostile. If you win the duel, then you'll earn 500 xp, and the gnolls will leave you alone.

2 - Dryad / Ancient Oak

When you approach the dyrad here (#2), she'll ask you to help her protect an ancient oak tree from "two who would defile the majesty of nature." If you agree to help, then she'll lead you to the nearby oak (#2a) where you'll meet Caldo and Krumm. When you talk to Caldo, he'll inform you that the tree is magical and probably worth a lot of money. This will give you two ways to proceed:
  • If you side against the dryad, then she'll turn hostile, and the two woodcutters will flee. This should be an easy fight, and when the dryd dies, you'll lose a major amount of Reputation but earn 975 xp. You'll also find an Antidote and a Potion of Healing on the dryad's corpse.

  • If you side with the dryad, then you'll have to fight Caldo and Krumm. They're a little tougher than the dryad, but the battle still shouldn't be too bad. You'll earn 350 xp total when they die, and you'll find a Club +1, a Girdle of Bluntness, a Potion of Healing, and more on their corpses. Then when you return to the dryad, you'll earn +1 Reputation and 500 xp. Depending on if you asked for a reward or not, you'll also receive an Antidote, a Potion of Healing, or 20 gp.

3 - Cave

Inside and outside the cave you might encounter a dire wolf, but inside you're guaranteed to find a chest containing a Halberd +1 and 238 gp.

4 - Drienne / Pixie

Drienne (#4) will ask you to find her pet cat Pixie, was who playing near the waterfall and slipped. You'll find the body of the cat at the base of the waterfall (#4a). When you deliver it to Drienne, you'll earn a reward (or not) depending on your Reputation. With a high Reputation, you'll receive a scroll of Protection From Undead, +1 Reputation, and 200 xp. With a medium Reputation, you'll receive 23 gp and 200 xp. With a low Reputation, Drienne will think you killed her cat, and you won't receive anything.

5 - Ingot

At this spot you'll meet a gnoll named Ingot. If you let him talk, then he'll inform you that he was exiled from his clan because he wanted to roast the captive (aka Dynaheir) in the Gnoll Stronghold to the west rather than keep her as a prisoner. If you kill Ingot, then you'll earn 235 xp. If you're playing the EE, then Ingot will drop The Chesley Crusher +2.