Gameplay Notes
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Gameplay Notes

We updated this walkthrough using version 2.406 of the Enhanced Edition (EE). We attempted to note all of the differences between the original version and the EE, but it's possible we missed some and you'll notice some inconsistencies while you're playing.

The game has an xp cap of 161,000, which enough to get characters to level 8-10. It's easy to reach the cap, especially if you have the Tales of the Sword Coast (TOSC) expansion pack.

Pressing the X key will show you the ID of the map you're on, which might make it easier for you to find the map in the navbar to the right.

While you're exploring a map, it's a good idea to exit the map in each of the four cardinal directions. This will unlock adjacent maps, even if you don't actually leave your current map.

The game is set up for good characters. Good characters can work with good and neutral companions, they pay lower prices for goods, and they receive more quests. Meanwhile, completely evil characters can't work with neutral companions, and they get attacked randomly by guards. If you need to change your alignment, you can do so by donating money at temples.

A handful of quests are timed, but otherwise you're free to travel and rest as much as you want.

Early in the game, non-magical metal weapons will frequently break (due to the iron contamination), so try to keep some spares around.