Beregost (AR3300)

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Tired travelers on the Coastway between Baldur's Gate and Amn often stop in Beregost. Beregost is located just off the road about a day's travel south of where the Way of the Lion branches off from the Coastway. This town, while much smaller than Baldur's Gate, boasts three inns, two stores, a magic shop, a temple, and a decent tavern. It's within reach of the northern border of Amn. Merchants of that land often use it as a rendezvous for caravan assembly before attempting the perilous overland runs north to Waterdeep or east to the Sea of Fallen Stars.

1 - Golin Vend

The first time you enter Beregost, you'll meet Golin Vend here, and he'll give you some background information about the local businesses.

2 - Kagain's Shop

Despite the map note saying that Kagain (LE, Dwarf Male, Fighter) runs a shop here, that's not really the case. He actually hires mercenaries to protect caravans. However, he'll inform you that things have gone badly for him lately, and that the last caravan he worked with got robbed on its way to Baldur's Gate. Worse, a passenger in the caravan was the son of Entar Silvershield, one of the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate, and so Kagain will hire you to find out what happened. If you agree to his terms, then he'll join your party.

You won't need to do much for Kagain's quest -- because it's broken. As soon as you visit the wilderness zone north of Beregost (AR2800), Kagain will announce that he's given up looking for the duke's son, and that he might as well just travel with you instead. He won't pay you anything, and his quest will simply disappear from your journal.

3 - Town Crier

During the day you'll meet the Town Crier here. He'll tell you about a 5,000 gp bounty that has been placed on the head of the evil cleric Bassilus. You'll find Bassilus in the wilderness zone south of High Hedge (AR3700). To collect the bounty, you'll need to deliver Bassilius' holy symbol to Kelddath Ormlyr in the Temple to the east of Beregost.

4 - Feldepost's Inn

When you enter this inn, you'll get stopped by Marl, a farmer whose son became an adventurer and recently got killed. Marl will be angry and he'll start picking on you since you're an adventurer yourself. There are two ways to deal with the situation. You can talk Marl down by choosing the dialogue options 1-1-3-3-1. This will earn you 900 xp. Or you can fight Marl. This will earn you 650 xp. You can also do both by talking Marl down and then attacking him. Nobody in the inn (except maybe his friend Dunkin) will care if you kill him, and you won't take a reputation loss.

On the upper floor of the inn, you'll meet Algernon. He can be Pickpocketed for Algernon's Cloak.

After clearing out the Nashkel Mines, you'll also meet Tranzig on the upper floor. With a little coaxing, he'll tell you the location of the Bandit Camp. If you kill Tranzig, then you'll earn 975 xp, and you'll find a Wand of Magic Missiles and a Ring of Protection +1 on his corpse.

5 - Firebead Elvenhair's House

Firebead (who you might remember from Candlekeep) will ask you to get him a copy of the book The History of the Fateful Coin. You can purchase this book from the bartender in Feldepost's Inn (#4) for a minimal cost, or you can take it from a bookshelf in the house just to the south of Firebead's (there are other locations as well).

When you complete the delivery, you'll earn +1 Reputation and 300 xp, and Firebead will give you the book History of the Dead Three. If you're playing the EE, then you'll also receive a Scroll Case from Firebead.

6 - Mr. Colquetle's House

Inside this house you'll meet Mr. Colquetle and his butler. Coquetle will tell you that his son and his daughter-in-law have been missing for a week. You'll discover their remains to the south (in AR4300). On the ground by their bodies you'll find an amulet, unless you've rested in the area, and then you might not find anything.

In the original version of the game, you'll find a Bloodstone Amulet with the bodies. If you take this amulet (or any Bloodstone Amulet) to Mr. Colquetle, then he'll say it belonged to his son, but he won't give you a reward for it.

In the EE, you'll find the Colquetle Family Amulet with the bodies. You'll have two choices for what to do with it. If you hand it over to Colquetle, then you'll gain a point of Reputation. But if you demand money for it or announce that you're keeping it for yourself, then you'll lose a point of Reputation. Either way, you'll also earn 250 xp.

7 - Garrick / Silke

Garrick (CN, Human Male, Bard) will tell you that his mistress, Silke Rosena, has been threatened by thugs, and he'll offer you 300 gp to act as her bodyguard. If you accept, then he'll escort you to her in front of the Red Sheaf Inn (#9).

When you talk to Silke, she'll recommend that you attack the thugs as soon as they arrive because one of them is a powerful mage. If she likes you enough, then she'll also increase your pay to 400 gp.

However, when the thugs arrive, it'll become obvious that something is amiss, and that Silke is actually trying to get you to murder three innocent men. This will give you two ways to respond:
  • You can attack the men. This should be an easy fight since the men are simply merchants. You'll earn 45 xp for the kills, and afterwards Silke will pay you what she owes. You'll also find a Potion of Defense on each of the corpses. But Garrick will refuse to become your companion, and you'll lose 2 points of Reputation.

  • You can decline to be a murderer. This will cause Silke will to turn on you. Silke is a capable mage, but if you have her surrounded then you should be able to kill her before she can do much damage. You'll earn 900 xp when she dies, and you'll find a Quarterstaff +1, a Potion of Invulnerability, and 400 gp on her corpse. One of the three men will also give you a Potion of Defense, and Garrick will agree to join you as a companion.

8 - The Burning Wizard

On the main floor you'll meet Zhurlong, a thief. He'll tell you that a band of hobgoblins stole his Boots of Stealth, and that they can be found to the south of Beregost (in AR3800). Zhurlong will also steal 15-30 gp from you each time you talk to him. But when you deliver the boots to him, he'll pay you 100 gp plus whatever he's stolen, and you'll also earn 300 xp.

On the upper floor you'll meet Spen Gil'meh. He'll give you some background information about the Firewine Bridge. Also on the upper floor, if you're playing the EE, then you'll be able to pick up a Mace of Stunning +1: The Stupefier from a locked cabinet.

9 - Red Sheaf Inn

When you enter this inn, you'll get attacked by another assassin, this one a dwarven fighter named Karlat. You'll earn 270 xp for defeating him.

On the main floor of the inn, you'll meet a halfling named Perdue. If you talk to him in the right way -- with dialogue options 1-2-1-1 -- then he'll hire you to track down the gnoll who stole his short sword. You'll find the gnoll in High Hedge to the west. When you return the sword to Perdue, you'll receive 50 gp and 500 xp.

On the upper floor of the inn, you'll meet Raleo Windspear. He'll give you some background information about Beregost and Ulcaster to the southeast.

10 - Neera (EE)

At this spot you'll run into Neera (CN, Half-Elf Female, Wild Mage). She'll tell you that "magic bandits" are trying to capture her, and she'll ask you for protection. Immediately afterwards, some Thayan wizards and their bodyguards will arrive, and their leader Ekandor will explain that Neera is a dangerous wild mage who needs to be locked up and studied. No matter what you say to Ekandor, Neera will teleport him away, and you'll have to fight the remaining Thayan forces. Afterwards, Neera will offer to join you -- even if you tried to give her up.

10 - Travenhurst Estate

On the upper floor of this estate, you can loot some containers for a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Invisibility, a Wand of Lightning, and more.

12 - Mirianne's House

Inside this house you'll meet Mirianne, who will tell you that her husband Roe left for Amn months ago, and that she hasn't heard anything from him since. So she'll ask you to keep your eyes peeled for any information about him.

You'll learn about Roe in the wildneress zone just to the south of Beregost (AR3800). There you'll discover a dead messenger carrying a note about Roe's safe arrival in Amn. When you deliver the note to Mirianne, you'll receive a Ring of Protection +1 and 300 xp.

13 - Thunderhammer Smithy

Inside the smithy during the day, you'll meet Taerom Fuiruim, the blacksmith. He'll have a bunch of +1 items for sale, plus Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Ice, Arrows +2, a Dagger of Venom +2, Full Plate Armor, a Light Crossbow of Speed: The Army Scythe, and Shadow Armor +3. If you're playing the EE, then Fuiruim will also have Beruel's Retort for sale.

If you come across an Ankheg Shell, then you can give it plus 4000 gp to Fuiruim, and he'll craft for you a set of Ankheg Plate Mail. The smithing will take 10 days. You can also sell Ankheg Shells to Fuiruim for 500 gp each (until he's created the mail for you).

In one of the chests in the smithy, you'll find a Bastard Sword +1. If you plan to steal it, then you should enter the smithy at night when it's empty.

14 - The Jovial Juggler

In the common room of the main floor, you'll meet a paladin named Bjornin. He'll tell you that some half-ogres "did a number" on him, and he'll ask you to give them a taste of their own medicine. After defeating the half-ogres (who are located in AR4200 to the southwest), when you return to Bjornin, you'll receive a Medium Shield +1, +1 Reputation, and 400 xp.

In the back of the main floor, you'll get stopped by a dwarf named Gurke. He'll tell you that he's tired of people making fun of him for losing his Cloak of Non-Detection to a group of tasloi in the Cloakwood Forest. However, if you find his cloak (in AR2200) and bring it back to him, then he'll allow you to keep it, and you'll also earn 300 xp. You won't be able to enter the Cloakwood Forest until Chapter 4.

After clearing out the Nashkel Mines, Officer Vai will also show up in the common room. She'll ask you to help her deal with the bandits in the area, and she'll pay you 50 gp each for their scalps. She'll also pay you 1000 gp for Wyvern Heads. Then once you've dealt with the bandits in the Bandit Camp, she'll reward you with +1 Reputation.

On the upper floor of the inn, you'll meet Oogie Wisham. He'll tell you that Bjornin dowstairs is after him, but the more you talk to Oogie, the more you'll realize that he's not quite right in the head. Nothing will come of his paranoia.

15 - Landrin's House

If you talked to Landrin at the Friendly Arm Inn, then you'll have a quest to exterminate the four Huge Spiders in her house. The spiders will attack you as soon as you enter, and your characters will probably get poisoned during the fight, so it's a good idea to pick up some Antidotes before heading in. Each spider will earn you 270 xp.

To complete Landrin's quest, you'll need to loot the Spider Body from one of the spiders, plus the Worn-Out Boots and the Bottle of Wine from the chest next to the bed. When you deliver those items to Landrin, you'll earn 295 gp and 800 xp.