Rasaad's Quest (EE)
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At some point after adding Rasaad to your party, he'll start a conversation with you when you arrive at a location. He'll tell you about his childhood -- how his parents died, and how he and his brother Gamaz joined the Sun Soul Monks -- and he'll also describe a mission he and his brother went on -- how a sect of monks went missing in Athkatla, and how their investigation turned up the name of Alorgoth, an agent of Shar.

At some point later, Rasaad will start a new conversation with you. This time he'll tell you how his brother Gamaz died while the two of them were searching for Alorgoth in Athkatla, and he'll also detail some of the teachings of his order.

Later still, while you're in Baldur's Gate, you'll be set upon by a trio of monks, and Rasaad will realize that his assailants in Athkatla weren't Shadow Thieves but instead Dark Moon Monks, who have been attempting to eradicate the Sun Soul Monks. You'll also find a letter on one of the monks. It will reveal that a "prospective acolyte" of the Dark Moon Monks can be found in the Blade and Stars tavern, and that his name is Sorrem.

The Blade and Stars is located in Baldur's Gate Southeast. Inside, you'll meet Sorrem on one of the upper floors. He'll recognize his bad bargaining position, and he'll tell you what you want to know -- that the Dark Moon Monks have been operating in Baldur's Gate for a year, and that they've set up shop inside the Seven Suns headquarters in Baldur's Gate Southwest. Then he'll take you to the building and open up the front door for you.

Inside the building, you'll discover -- unsurprisingly -- that Sorrem has set you up. You'll immediately get attacked by four Dark Moon Monks, and then when you head upstairs, you'll get attacked by more monks, a cleric, a lieutenant, and Sorrem himself. Combined, these two battles will only net you a little over 1000 xp, so you should not have too much trouble with them.

After the battle, you'll find a Dagger +1, Leather Armor +1, and a note when you loot the corpses. The note will indicate that the Dark Moon Monks have a temple in the Cloud Peaks, a special EE area located in the southeastern corner of the world map.

When you arrive at the Cloud Peaks, you'll run into some Dark Moon Aspirants who have just failed their trials and are slated for execution. After you help them to survive, you'll be able to demand payment from them (and receive an Oil of Fiery Burning and 500 gp), or let them go (and receive just an Oil of Fiery Burning), or order them to assist you (which will cause them to follow you and help you in combat).

As you continue on, you'll encounter Ice Trolls (which can only be killed by fire damage) and Winter Wolves, plus some Dark Moon Monks. Eventually you'll reach the entrance to the Dark Moon Monks' temple -- where you'll see Gamaz addressing some initiates. No matter what you say to Gamaz, he'll sic the initiates on you and flee into the temple.

As you follow behind, you'll encounter Gamaz twice more: once inside the temple, and then once on a mountain peak. The first time he'll repeat his strategy from the entrance, and he'll order his minions to attack you while he flees, but then the second time he'll actually stop and fight you himself. You won't be able to convince him to change his ways or anything. You'll always have to fight him. Gamaz will drop Glimmering Bands and 1000 gp when he dies, and his death will end the quest.