Temple (AR3400)

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The Song of the Morning Temple was built in honor of Lathander, God of spring, dawn, birth and renewal. The highest priest, who is also called "The Most Radiant of Lathander," is Kelddath Ormlyr. He also assumes the function of Governor of Beregost. Therefore, he is the one in charge of the law and of the decisions concerning the town. He also offers various rewards to those who rid the town of a potential danger.

1 - Song of the Morning Temple

Inside the temple you'll meet Kelddath Ormlyr. He's the head priest and also the governor of Beregost to the west. He'll offer you regular priest services.

Ormlyr is involved in two bounties. He'll pay you 5000 gp and 1000 xp for eliminating the evil cleric Bassilus (from AR3700), provided you have his holy symbol as proof of the kill. He'll also pay you 2000 gp once for a Wyvern Head.

2 - Vestibule

You'll meet the dawn priests Blane and Bram here.

3 - Drunk

The drunk here will claim that he's a lich, and he'll demand all of your money. We'd recommend not giving it to him.

4 - Ashen

You'll meet a man named Ashen from Waterdeep here. He won't think much of you or the Sword Coast.

5 - Galileus

You'll meet the astrologer Galileus here. He'll warn you that "conflicts of great significance are on the horizon."

6 - Cattack

At this spot Cattack and his merry band of hobgoblin thieves will try to rob you. Despite there being eight of them, they should be easy to defeat.

7 - Wolves

You'll encounter two vampiric wolves, two dread wolves, and three worgs here. The vampiric wolves require magical weapons (+1 or better) to be hit and are worth 2000 xp each! The dread wolves are worth 650 xp each. The fight is not hard but you should be well prepared for it.