Neeera's Quest (EE)

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You'll meet Neera in Beregost -- just in time to protect her from a group of Thayan wizards trying to capture her so they can study her brain. Neera will teleport their leader Ekandor away, and then together you'll defeat the rest.

A couple of weeks after having Neera in your party, she'll ask you for a favor. She'll tell you that she'd like to reduce the "unfortunate side effects" of her spells, and that she knows of an old and wise wild mage named Adoy who might be able to help her. If you agree to take her to Adoy, then she'll inform you that he can be found to the east of the Firewine Bridge.

When you arrive at Adoy's Enclave, you'll immediately run into a cawing squirrel (#1), so you'll know that you're getting close. A little farther along, you'll run into some goblins (#2), and you'll learn that they think Adoy is a god, and that they have him locked up in a cave to the northeast (Exit A). You can either attack the goblins or not. It won't make any difference in the quest. That's because when you enter the cave, the goblins inside -- including Rogdok their king (#3) -- will attack you no matter how you treated the goblins outside. After defeating the goblins, you'll find Adoy locked in the back room of the cave (#4).

When you talk to Adoy, if Neera isn't in your party, then she'll teleport into the room so she can participate in the conversation. However, before Adoy can say much, Ekandor will show up, and he'll decide that two wild mages are better than one. No matter what you say to him, he and his party will attack you. Adoy will accidentally polymorph himself into a rabbit, and if Neera isn't in your party, then she'll accidentally polymorph herself into a bird. So you'll only have your party to deal with the threat.

Ekandor will have an ogre berserker, two melee bodyguards, and a wizard with him. Ekandor will almost immediately cast Fire Shield to protect himself, so we'd recommend hitting him with spells and ranged attacks while one DPS melee character deals with the wizard, and the rest of your melee fighters hold off the ogre and bodyguards. In total, you'll earn 1900 xp for defeating Ekandor's party, and you'll find a Traveler's Robe on Ekandor's corpse.

After the battle, Adoy -- and Neera if necessary -- will return to their regular forms and continue their conversation. Adoy will explain that there aren't any secrets for controlling wild magic, and that you just have to take the good with the bad. However, there is one thing Adoy will do for Neera. He'll hand over Adoy's Belt, which will give the wearer a bonus to saves against petrification and polymorph. Adoy will also offer you a reward, but when he starts to summon it, he'll disappear.

1 - Squirrek

2 - Goblin Guards

3 - Rogdok

4 - Adoy

  1. Cave entrance.