High Hedge (AR3200)

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High Hedge is situated immediately to the west of Beregost. It is a countryside dominated by a big keep, the residence of Thalantyr the Conjurer. The recent arrival of the evil cleric Bassilius to the south has led to a spawn of skeletons in the region. Moreover, Thalantyr keeps two flesh golems in his keep; it is his way to greet wary travelers.

1 - Kivan

At this spot you'll meet Kivan (CG, Elf Male, Ranger). He'll tell you that he's hunting bandits in the area -- and in particular an ogre named Tazok -- and he'll offer to join you so you can kill them together.

2 - House

In the back room of this house you'll discover a locked chest containing an Aquamarine Gem.

3 - Permidion Stark

You'll meet Permidion Stark here. He'll tell you that he's planning to rob High Hedge (#4), but then he'll mention the two "flesh monsters" (aka flesh golems) there, and he'll talk himself out of it.

4 - High Hedge

High Hedge is the residence of Thalantyr the Conjurer. He's a shopkeeper for numerous magical items, but you might need to talk to him multiple times before he'll offer you anything. Some of the things you can buy from him include ammunition, potions, low level scrolls, a Wand of Sleep, a Wand of Fear, the Horn of Kazgaroth, the Claw of Kazgaroth, the Robe of the Good Archmagi, and the Robe of the Neutral Archmagi.

Thalantyr is guarded by two flesh golems. The golems will start out hostile to you, but they'll become friendly after you've spoken to Thalantyr. The golems are worth 2000 xp each, so you might want to try killing them the first time you see them. Thalantyr won't care if you do. But if you force-attack the golems after they've turned friendly, then Thalantyr will turn hostile. Thalantyr is worth 3000 xp, but killing him won't gain you any interesting equipment (just an Adventurer's Robe and a couple of potions), and you'll lose one of the better shopkeepers in the game.

Note: You'll need magical weapons (+1 or better) to damage the flesh golems.

Thalantyr is also involved in a quest to restore his apprentice Melicamp back to human form. You'll meet Melicamp in wilderness zone AR3700. If you're playing the original Baldur's Gate, then this zone will be directly south of High Hedge. If you're playing the EE, then it'll be located to the southwest. If you successfully complete the quest, then you'll earn +1 Reputation and 2000 xp.

5 - Gnolls

At this spot you'll encounter a gnoll, a gnoll slasher, and a gnoll veteran. These are the gnolls who stole Perdue's Short Sword, and you'll find it when you loot their corpses. To complete Perdue's quest, you'll just need to deliver the sword to him at the Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost.