Wyrm's Crossing (AR0900)

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This is the only entrance to Baldur's Gate from the south. The bridge is really wide and well guarded by Flaming Fist mercenaries, but strangely you won't encounter any traffic on it. You won't be allowed to cross the bridge until Chapter 5.

1 - Flaming Fist Mercenary

Prior to Chapter 5, you'll meet a Flaming Fist mercenary here. He'll inform you that Baldur's Gate has been closed due to the recent bandit activity in the region, and you won't be allowed to cross the bridge. But starting in Chapter 5, the mercenary will disappear, and the bridge will open up, finally allowing you to enter the city.

2 - Tenya

Tenya is a priestess of Umberlee. If you haven't yet spoken to the fishermen Jebadoh, Sonner and Telman in the area to the south (AR1400), then she won't have much to say to you. But after speaking to the fishermen, Tenya will get mad at you for agreeing to help them, and she'll attack you. However, after a couple of hits, she'll break off and explain her predicament.

Tenya will tell you that her mother was also a priestess of Umberlee, but that the fishermen kidnapped her, stole her Bowl of Water Elemental Control, tortured her until she revealed its secrets, and then killed her. Now the fishermen are profiting from the bowl's power, and Tenya is doing what she can to hurt them. But her strategy isn't working, and she'll ask you for help.

This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can side with Tenya. For this case you'll need to return to the fishermen. They'll try to bribe you 100 gp to switch back to their side, but when that doesn't work, they'll simply hand over the bowl. Then when you return to Tenya, you'll get one or two different ways to complete the quest. If you killed the fishermen, then you can tell her this, and you'll receive 1000 xp. But if you just hand over the bowl, then you'll earn 2500 xp. Either way, Tenya will dimension door away, and she might help you in a later quest (in Baldur's Gate West).

  • You can side with the fishermen. For this case you'll need to kill Tenya. She's a spellcaster but not a very strong one, and she probably won't last very long. You'll earn 650 xp when she dies, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 7 on her corpse. Then when you return to the fishermen, you'll receive a Flail +1 and 1000 xp. You can also negotiate a better deal with the fishermen, and if you're successful then they'll add in 100 gp (in addition to the 20 gp they might have promised you when you first met them).

3 - Ankheg

When you kill this ankheg, it will drop Nester's Dagger. You'll need the dagger for quest in Baldur's Gate Northwest.

4 - Scar

When you approach this gate, a Flaming Fist mercenary will come up to you and demand a 6 gp entrance fee. There isn't any way to avoid this. Afterwards, the mercenary will introduce you to his captain, Scar. Scar will ask you if you were the ones who caused the trouble at the Nashkel Mines. If you say "no," then he'll leave, and you'll have to talk to him again in front of the Flaming Fist Caste in Baldur's Gate Southwest.

If you admit to being behind the trouble, then Scar will give you a job. He'll tell you that the Seven Suns trading coster has been making strange decisions lately, and he'll ask you to investigate them -- but quietly, so you don't arouse any suspicions. You can find the Seven Suns headquarters in Baldur's Gate Southwest.

5 - Quayle

At this spot you'll meet Quayle (CN, Gnome Male, Cleric/Illusionist). He'll ask you which way you're going, and no matter what you say, he'll say that he's heading in the same direction, and he'll offer to join you.