Gnoll Stronghold (AR5100)

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This ancient fort was taken over by gnolls who made it their stronghold. The fort is also inhabited by xvarts, who are the gnolls' lackeys. The gnolls use the fort mainly as a base for their operations and to hold their captured prisoners, who they either torture to death or eat.

1 - Gnarl and Hairtooth

The two ogrillons here will demand 200 gp -- or maybe 100 gp -- as a toll for crossing their bridge. When you decline, they'll attack you. You'll earn 350 xp total for their deaths, and you'll find Gautlets of Dexterity plus some potions on their corpses.

2 - Cave

In this cave you'll encounter several xvarts, but you won't find any loot.

3 - Cave

In this cave you'll encounter more xvarts, plus a carrion crawler, but again no loot.

4 - Cave

In this cave you'll encounter even more xvarts, but -- finally! -- you'll find some loot. From the chest in the center of the cave you'll be able to pick up three Potions of Healing, scrolls of Larloch's Minor Drain and Magic Missile, and a Tome of Leadership and Influence (which will give you +1 charisma permanently).

5 - Gnoll Chieftain

At this spot you'll encounter the gnoll chieftain. He'll be flanked by several gnolls and gnoll veterans. The fight should not be tough -- just don't run blindly into the gnolls. Instead, use the space between the pit and the wall to fight the gnolls one by one, using a couple of strong melee fighters in front, backed up by casters and archers. The gnolls probably won't drop anything interesting.

6 - Dynaheir

Depending on whose quest you are on, you can either save Dynaheir (LG, Human Female, Invoker) and have her join your party, or you can kill her. If you are on Minsc's quest, then Dynaheir will ask you if she can join your party. If you refuse, then she will leave the area with Minsc. If you are on Edwin's quest, then you'll have three options: you can kill Dynaheir (but if you force Edwin to pay you for your services, then he'll give you 500 gp and leave), you can choose Dynaheir over Edwin, or you can let them settle their differences themselves (which means Edwin will kill Dynaheir and then possibly rejoin you).

Note: If you rescue Dynaheir before recruiting Edwin, then you'll be able to keep them both in your party at the same time.