Mine Exit (AR5000)

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This area is situated just south of the famous Firewine Ruins, an elven outpost destroyed in a war many centuries ago. The area is mostly deserted and has been used as a burial ground. As a direct consequence, many skeletons inhabit it.

Note: This area was designed for a medium-level party and can be quite a challenge early in the game, so you might need to beat a hasty retreat the first time you exit from the Nashkel Mines.

1 - Exit from the Nashel Mines

This is only an exit from the Nashkel Mines. You won't be able to enter them here.

2 - Lamalha, Maneira, Telka and Zeela

At this spot you'll encounter a tough group of female assassins working for the Iron Throne. Zeela and Lamalha are both clerics who have a good number of HPs, Telka is a thief who shoots Arrows of Fire with a lot of accuracy, and Maneira is another thief who throws Darts of Wounding.

All told, the group is worth 3300 xp, and when you loot their corpses you'll find Arrows of Fire, Darts of Wounding, the long sword Harrower +1, +3 vs. Undead (EE only), Oil of Fiery Burning, a Potion of Magic Blocking, a Potion of Power, a Potion of Stone Form, Protector of the Second +2 (aka Leather Armor +2), and Studded Leather Armor +1.

3 - Tomb

Inside this tomb you'll encounter a ghoul and find a sarcophagus with 81 gp inside.

4 - Hentold / Tomb

Around this spot (#4), Hentold will come running up to you ranting about death and giving something back. If you agree to help him, then he'll give you the dagger Heart of the Golem +2, and he'll ask you to return it to the tomb to the east (#4a).

Inside the tomb, you'll get confronted by a revenant who will demand the dagger back. If you comply, then you'll earn 900 xp. If you decline, then the revenant will attack you. The revenant is kind of tough but not really tough, and you'll earn 3000 xp when it dies.

In the back of the tomb, you'll find two sarcophagi containing a Potion of Freedom, a Potion of Invisibility, and 142 gp.

5 - Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen

At this spot you'll meet a mage named Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen. He'll tell you that he's learned how to control gelatinous creatures, and he'll invite you to witness the results. You'll have two ways to respond:
  • If you ask Neen if he's mad, then he'll realize that he made a mistake in his incantation, and four green slimes will appear and attack you. Neen will flee. You'll earn 260 xp total for defeating the slimes.

  • You can ask Neen to write out the incantation for you. This request will make him mad, and he'll summon two mustard jellies and attack you. Mustard jellies are immune to normal weapons and missile damage, and they can poison you, so be careful with them. You'll earn 2000 xp for each jelly you kill, plus 1400 xp for Neen. You'll also find a Knave's Robe and scrolls of Burning Hands, Lightning Bolt, and Web on Neen's corpse.

6 - Tomb

Inside this tomb you'll have to fight three ghasts, but when you loot their sarcophagi you'll find five Arrows +2, Chain Mail +1, a Wand of Monster Summoning, and more.