Baldur's Gate North (AR0200)

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This part of the city is dominated by the imposing Duchal Palace. Although it is a key building in Baldur's Gate, the palace is only opened to the public for special events, and even then you need an invitation. Other points of interest are the Three Old Kegs, one of the best inns in town, and Ramazith's tower, which can be seen from far away by travelers coming to the Gate.

1 - Ducal Palace

The Ducal Palace will start out locked, and you'll only be able to enter it during Chapter 7.

Note: In the original game, you could use switches -- at (2143, 1618) and (2220, 1627) -- plus the Open Locks skill to get inside the palace early, but this was removed in the EE.

Another Note: Also in the original game, this location was called the Duchal Palace.

2 - Rodnin

When you approach this spot, Rodnin will inform you that common folk (with an unsaid "like you") are only allowed into the Ducal Palace (#1) during special events -- which won't happen until Chapter 7.

3 - House

Inside this house you can loot six Bolts +1 from a locked chest on the upper floor.

4 - Rinnie's House

Inside this house you'll meet the bard Rinnie. She'll ask you to find her an "authoritative history" of the Unicorn Run. The book she's looking for is the History of the Unicorn Run, which you can find at the top of Ramazith's Tower (#14). It's also sold at the Friendly Arm Inn. When you bring the book to Rinnie, she'll give you a Protection from Poison scroll, and you'll also earn 900 xp.

On the upper floor of the house, you'll find a Potion of Invisibility in a locked cabinet.

5 - House

Outside this house you'll meet a little girl named Petrine. She'll tell you that she's running away from her mean uncle Bheren, but that she needs to find her cat Angel first so she can leave. She'll then add that Angel likes to play with a ring that she might have left behind, and she'll ask you to get it. Meanwhile, inside the house you'll met Bheren. He'll tell you that he hates Angel. This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can kill Angel the cat. You'll find her on the upper floor of the house. After committing the deed, when you return to Bheren, you'll lose 1 point of Reputation, and you'll gain 400 xp.

  • You can fetch the ring, which you'll find on the upper floor of the house inside an unlocked cabinet. If you're playing the original game, then it'll be a regular Angel Skin Ring. If you're playing the EE, then it'll be Angel the Cat's Angel Skin Ring. Either way, when you deliver the ring to Petrine, you'll earn 500 xp.
Also inside the house you can pick up 10 Bullets +1 and a cursed Oil of Speed from containers on the ground floor.

6 - Tick

At this spot you'll run into a man named Tick, who will recommend that you take a trip to the "urban man's dungeon" -- aka the Sewers. You'll find grates leading to the Sewers all over Baldur's Gate. Tick's dialogue will become more amusing if you take offense at everything he says.

7 - Meklin (EE)

If you have Neera in your party, then you'll encounter a dwarf named Meklin here, and you'll learn that Neera stole 200 gp from him at some point in the past. There are ony two ways to resolve this encounter: you can either pay Neera's debt or you can fight Meklin. For the former, Meklin will accept the money and leave. For the latter, Neera will accidentally polymorph Meklin into a monster, and you'll earn 200 xp for defeating him. You'll also find Boots of Avoidance on his corpse.

8 - Temple of Helm

The Priest of Helm inside this temple will provide regular priest services.

9 - Jardak's House

When you enter this house, Jardak's butler Drelik will spot you and take you for robbers -- which means he'll attack you no matter what you say. Drelik is worth 1200 xp, and you'll find a Short Sword +1 and scrolls of Dire Charm and Monster Summoning I on his corpse.

Then when you go upstairs, you'll meet Jardak, and he'll be about as happy to see you as Drelik. Jardak is worth 3600 xp, and he'll drop a Helm of Glory, a Long Sword +1, a Potion of Frost Giant Strength, and a Potion of Genius.

10 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Stone Form in a locked cabinet on the upper floor.

11 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Explosions in a locked cabinet on the ground floor.

12 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Small Shield +1 in a locked chest on the ground floor and a Potion of Heroism in a locked cabinet on the upper floor.

13 - Ramazith's Tower

The first time you approach this tower, you'll meet Ramazith out front. He'll inform you that his colleague Ragefast has a nymph named Abela in his home, and he'll ask you to rescue her and bring her to his tower. You'll find Ragefast's home in Baldur's Gate West.

When you deliver Abela to Ramazith, he'll give you Bracers of Defense AC 7 -- but then he'll mention that he intends to kill Abela so he can use her to create several powerful potions. If you voice your displeasure over this plan, then Ramazith will teleport with Abela to the top of his tower, and he'll welcome you to try and stop him.

Note: If you freed Abela in Ragefast's home (with or without having met Ramazith first), then Ramazith will be mad at you, and he'll invite you to attack him at the top of his tower. That is, the encounter will play about the same, just without Abela being present.

As you follow Ramazith to the top of his tower (using the staircases in the center of each level), you'll encounter mustard jellies, ghasts, hobgoblin elites, and then kobold commandos (who will drop Arrows of Fire). These battles should not be too tough, but you won't have a lot of room to maneuver, so you might want to send 2-3 melee fighters into a level first and then have the rest of your party follow when it's safe.

At the top of the tower you'll encounter Ramazith. He's a tough mage, but he'll be all alone, so it shouldn't take you too long to dispatch him. Ramazith is worth 4000 xp, and you'll find an Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Bracers of Defense AC 7, a Knave's Robe, and a Ring of Protection +2 on his corpse. If Abela the Nymph is at the top of the tower too, then she'll be disgusted with you for giving her to Ramazith, and she'll teleport away without giving you a reward.

Also at the top of the tower, you can search a desk and a few bookshelves for some good loot: an Elixir of Health, a History of the Unicorn Run (which you'll for a quest from Rinnie at #4), a Tome of Clear Thought (+1 Intelligence), a Wand of Paralyzation, and scrolls of Blindness, Blur, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Protection from Magic, and Protection from Poison. You'll also find a Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness, which you should avoid.

14 - Tartusse

When he spots you, Tartusse will complain about the iron crisis for a bit and then wander off.

15 - Nantrin Bellowglyn

Bellowglyn is the bartender for the Three Old Kegs, and he'll provide regular bartender services.

16 - Shep

Shep will trade some insults with you.

17 - Bellamy

Bellamy wanders around, but you should encounter him somewhere around here. When you talk to him, he'll say one of two things. If you have a low or medium Reputation, then he'll warn you about the paladin Phandalyn, who might attack you in Baldur's Gate Southwest. If you have a high Reputation, then he'll simply greet you.

18 - Ithtyl Calantryn

Ithtryl is an employee of the inn. She won't say anything interesting to you.

19 - Painting

Behind this painting you'll find the Skull of Kereph. You'll need the skull for Ghorak's quest in Baldur's Gate South.

20 - Areana

Areana will tell you that she's being blackmailed by a rogue named Cyrdemac who is staying at the Elfsong Tavern in in Baldur's Gate East, and she'll hire you to "remove" him. If you don't ask Areana about money, then she'll offer you 500 gp to complete the job. If you do ask about money, then she'll offer you 2000 gp and increase the amount to 4000 gp if you demand more.

You'll find Cyrdemac on the upper floor of the Elfsong Tavern. No matter what you say to him, he'll reveal that he's been blackmailing Areana over a tryst they had in the Undercellar. Then he'll attack you, and two nearby ruffians might help him out. Regardless of how many people you fight, the battle should be pretty easy. You'll earn 975 xp for killing Cyrdemac, and you'll find a Bastard Sword +1 on his corpse.

When you return to Areana, she'll inform you that she can only afford 500 gp for your services. If you want, you can use this as an excuse to blackmail her yourself, and then every two days you can return to her for an extra 500 gp. However, each time you collect from Areana, you'll lose a point of Reputation, and if you go ten days without collecting, then she'll disappear and in her place you'll encounter Tor Lobo. Lobo will try to 'remove" you, but you should be able to make short work of him. You'll earn 600 xp when he dies.

In the cabinet behind Areana, you'll find 208 Ziose Gems and a single Iol Gem. They'll sell for over 6000 gp in a shop.

  1. Entrance to the Three Old Kegs.
  2. Staircase. This staircase will allow you to travel between Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Three Old Kegs.