Adoy's Enclave (OH2000, OH2010) (EE)

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Note: You'll only gain access to this map if you keep Neera in your party for long enough.

1 - Squirrel

This squirrel will caw at you, so you'll figure that you're in the right place to talk to a wild mage.

2 - Goblin Guard

The guard here will tell you that their king Rogdok is inside a nearby cave (#6) guarding Bargrivyek (aka Adoy), the god of territory and cooperation. If you're nice to the guard then he'll escort you to the cave, or at least leave you alone. If you attack him, then all of the goblins on the map will turn hostile, and you'll have to fight your way to the cave. There isn't any difference between the diplomatic and violent approaches, other than the small amount of xp you'll earn for killing the goblins.

3 - Magreb

Magreb will tell you that he and his wife Rilsa used to watch over the forest here -- until the goblins suddenly arrived and killed Rilsa when she tried to talk to them. Magreb will then give you some background information about the goblins, and he'll ask you to avenge Rilsa.

You'll find Rilsa's corpse in the goblin's cave (#8). If you loot it like a normal corpse, then you won't find anything of interest on it, but if you click on the corpse itself, then you'll get an option to bury it or leave it alone. You'll also automatically pick up Rilsa's Ring.

When you deliver the ring to Magreb, you'll earn 250 xp, and he'll ask you if you buried Rilsa. If you did, then he'll thank you. If you didn't, then he'll head to the cave and bury her himself.

4 - Squirrel and Moose

This is a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference. When you get close enough to the two animals, the moose will try to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but a random enemy (like a gnoll or an ogre) will appear instead.

5 - Bear Cage

If you open up the cage here, then you'll get attacked by a cave bear worth 650 xp.

6 - Goblins

When you enter the cave, the goblins here will attack you, even if you were friendly with the goblins outside.

7 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Rugged Leathers +2, a Potion of Genius, three Potions of Healing, a Wand of Fear, and 600 gp.

8 - Rilsa's Body

You'll discover Rilsa's body here. You'll find some basic equipment on top of it, but if you click on the corpse itself (easier to do if you loot the equipment first), then you'll get an option to bury the body or leave it alone. You'll also automatically pick up Rilsa's Ring. Your decision about the body won't really change anything in Magreb's quest (#3).

9 - Rogdok

Rogdok is the goblin "king." When he spots you, he'll attack you, but he's pretty much of a pushover. You'll earn 400 xp when Rogdok dies, and you'll find a Bastard Sword +1, a Shortbow +1, and 250 gp on his corpse.

10 - Adoy

Adoy is a wild mage. When you talk to him, you'll learn that he became the goblin god Bargrivyek when he accidentally created a bunch of goblins with his spells. Adoy is also the mage that Neera has been looking for. If she's not in your party when you meet him, then she'll teleport into the cave so she can take part in the conversation.

However, before Adoy can say much to Neera, the Red Wizard Ekandor will show up, and he'll decide that two wild mage test subjects are better than one. No matter what you say to him, he and his party will attack you. Adoy will accidentally polymorph himself into a rabbit, and if Neera isn't in your party, then she'll accidentally polymorph herself into a bird. So you'll only have your party to deal with the threat.

Ekandor will have an ogre berserker, two melee bodyguards, and a wizard with him. Ekandor will almost immediately cast Fire Shield to protect himself, so we'd recommend hitting him with spells and ranged attacks while one DPS melee character deals with the wizard, and the rest of your melee fighters hold off the ogre and bodyguards. In total, you'll earn 1900 xp for defeating Ekandor and his men, and you'll find a Traveler's Robe on Ekandor's corpse.

After the battle, Adoy -- and Neera if necessary -- will return to their regular forms and continue their conversation. Adoy will explain that there aren't any secrets for controlling wild magic, and that you just have to take the good with the bad. However, there is one thing Adoy will do for Neera. He'll hand over Adoy's Belt, which will give the wearer a bonus to saves against petrification and polymorph. Adoy will also offer you a reward, but when he starts to summon it, he'll disappear.

  1. Entrance to the goblin cave.