Northwest of Nashkel (AR4200)

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This area is situated to the northwest of Naskhel and is right in the middle of nowhere. The travelers are rare, but the monsters are quite frequent.

1 - Hogoblin

The hobgoblin here will demand 25 gp from you, and he'll let you know that he's with the Chill. If you call his bluff and demand information (by choosing dialogue options 1-3-1), then he'll tell you about the Chill, and you'll earn 200 xp. If you kill him, then you'll earn 35 xp, and you'll find 100 gp on his corpse.

2 - Teyngan, Jemby, and Zekar

When you approach this group of bandits, they'll demand all of your money. When you decline, they'll attack. The battle should not be too difficult, but we'd recommend killing Jemby (a mage) and Zekar (an archer with poisoned arrows) first, and then ganging up on Teyngan. You'll receive 915 xp total for defeating the trio, and you'll find a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Healing, and scrolls of Chromatic Orb, Larloch's Minor Drain, and Resist Fear on their corpses.

3 - Half-Ogres

You'll encounter four half-ogres here. There isn't anything noteworthy about them -- except that the paladin Bjornin in the Jovial Juggler in Beregost might have asked you to kill them. So after finishing them off, visit him for a reward.

4 - Chelan and Torlo

Chelan (on the island) and Torlo (on the dock) are former miners now trying their hand at fishing. They're just around for flavor.

5 - Drizzt Do'Urden

You'll discover Drizzt Do'Urden here surrounded by gnolls. When you get close enough to him, he'll ask you for help. Defeating the gnolls should be no challenge whatsoever since, among other things, Drizzt can kill them by himself. Afterwards, Drizzt will tell you that the bandits in the area look like they're from the Chill and Blacktalon mercenary companies, and he'll recommend that you infiltrate their ranks to learn more about them. You'll get to do this in Chapter 3.

The more challenging aspect of the encounter is if you want to kill Drizzt. He's worth 12,000 xp, and he's carrying the scimitars Icingdeath +3 (aka Frostbrand) and Twinkle +3 (aka Defender), plus Mithral Chain Mail +4. So if you can defeat him, it's well worth it.

Various strategies work for this. For example, you can put a bait character in Boots of Speed, and then use that character to lead Drizzt around while your other characters pelt him with ranged attacks. Or you can buff up your tank with spells and potions and then just go toe-to-toe with him (we've heard that half-orc berserkers are good for this).

But the easiest method (in the EE at least) is to just approach Drizzt slowly. When a gnoll comes into view, it will turn hostile and attack Drizzt, but as long as you don't spot Drizzt, he'll just stand there and not fight back. So if you can circle around him waking up the gnolls, then eventually they'll kill him. You won't get Drizzt's xp this way, but you will get his equipment.

Note: You can also pickpocket Drizzt, but for that case you'll only get Icingdeath +3.