Baldur's Gate Sewers (AR0112, AR0224, AR0225, AR0226)

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Note: Because of the sheer number of ladders leading back up to Baldur's Gate, we have not marked them on the maps. We've only marked the other exits.

1 - Shvertszche

At this spot you'll meet a man (?) with green, crawling flesh. He'll tell you that he's been blessed by Schlumpsha (#3), and then he'll wander off.

2 - Corpses

You'll find corpses at these locations. You'll need one of them for Arkion's quest in Baldur's Gate East. In the Eastern Sewers, you'll also find some loot with the corpses, including a Ninjato +1 (in the EE).

3 - Schlumpsha the Sewer King

You'll meet Schlumpsha the Sewer King here. He'll tell you some interesting things -- like that your death was "planned for by the gods themselves" -- but he won't give you any useful details. If you attack Schlumpsha and his sewerfolk followers, then you'll earn 4075 xp for the battle.

4 - Ratchild

At this spot you'll meet the kobold Ratchild. No matter what you say to him, he'll summon about a dozen kobold commandos and attack you. You'll earn over 700 xp for the battle, and you'll find Arrows of Fire on the corpses.

5 - Sewer Cleaners

You'll meet a pair of sewer cleaners around here. They'll tell you that you shouldn't be in the Sewers because it isn't safe.

6 - Ogre Mage

At this spot you'll run into an ogre mage plus his six pet carrion crawlers. The mage will reveal that he uses his pets to kill "surface pinklings" so he can steal their treasure. That is, the mage is responsible for the many disappearances in Baldur's Gate, and you'll need to kill him for Scar's second quest. Scar is located in Baldur's Gate Southwest.

The carrion crawlers should be pushovers for you -- one Fireball might be able to take them all out -- so we'd recommend focusing on the mage first and then mopping up the rest. You'll earn 3950 xp for the battle, and you'll find a Bastard Sword +1 (in the original game) or a Scimitar +1 (in the EE) on the mage's corpse. You'll also find Sashenstar's Ruby Ring (or just a Ruby Ring) on the mage, which you can use in Scar's quest.

7 - Dillar

Dillar appears to be the owner of the Undercellar, but he won't exactly welcome you to his estabishment.

8 - Quenash

Before meeting Vail in Baldur's Gate Central, Quenash won't have anything to say to you. But after meeting Vail, you'll be able to convince Quenash that Vail wants you to have his Cloak of Balduran. All you'll need to do is remember that Vail is an elf with hair as "blond as the sunlight." If Quenash believes you, then she'll give you the cloak. Otherwise, she'll leave. You can also pickpocket the cloak.

9 - Guard

A guard here will try to charge you 10 gp to enter the Undercellar, but if you decline to pay him, then he'll let you in for free.

  1. Exit to the Iron Throne Headquarters.
  2. Passage between the Western Sewers and the Undercellar.
  3. Passage between the Western Sewers and the Central Sewers.
  4. Passage between the Central Sewers and the Undercellar.
  5. Passage between the Central Sewers and the Eastern Sewers.
  6. Passage between the Eastern Sewers and the Undercellar.
  7. Exit to the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate Northeast.