Baldur's Gate [Chapter 7]

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Since you're currently wanted for murder, Flaming Fist mercenaries will be on the lookout for you. The first time they catch you, they'll arrest you and send you to the Flaming Fist castle in Baldur's Gate Southwest (#12). This is fine since you'll want to visit the castle anyway. But after that they'll simply attack you. If you don't want your Reputation to drop away quickly, then you should avoid the Flaming Fists as much as possible (by staying out of the red circles on the map above), or run away from them when they spot you, or attack them only with your fists (so they're knocked unconscious rather than killed).

Note: Unlike the other classes, Monks will kill people with their fists, so don't use them during Flaming Fist fights if you're trying to preserve your Reputation.

Another Note: The red circles on the map above show the starting visual range of Flaming Fist mercenaries. However, they'll almost immediately start moving around, which means you can encounter them anywhere. So be prepared.

1 - Husam

At this spot you might run into Husam. From what we can tell, he'll only appear if you talked to him in the Thieves' Guild (#2) and the Elfsong Tavern earlier in the game. Husam will tell you that Scar is dead and that Duke Eltan is "diseased," and he'll invite you to meet with him in front of the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate Northeast (#18).

2 - Herschel

Herschel will opine that Sarevok appears to be way more interested in becoming Grand Duke than he is in running the Iron Throne. "The fact that he is crippling a large merchant house seems inconsequential to him."

3 - Thieves' Guild

After disrupting Sarevok's coronation in the Ducal Palace (Exit B), Sarevok will flee here. When you follow him, you'll meet a thief named Denkod inside. He'll inform you that Sarevok has descended into the Thieves' Maze beneath the guild. Not coincidentally, you'll finally get to use the staircase on the eastern side of the guild, which will allow you to visit the maze and continue your pursuit.

4 - Delthyr

Delthyr is a member of the Harpers. He'll tell you that Scar is dead, that Duke Eltan is sick, and that the Iron Throne -- now being run by Sarevok -- is making a grab for power. Then Delthyr will head over to the Three Old Kegs in Baldur's Gate North (#16).

5 - Sorcerous Sundries

Just outside Sorcerous Sundries, you'll meet a woman named Tamoko. She'll reveal that Duke Eltan's own healer is poisoning him, and then she'll head over to the Flaming Fist Castle in Baldur's Gate Southwest (#12).

6 - Alan Blackblade

Blackblade will tell you several things of interest: that Scar is dead, that Duke Eltan is sick, that Duke Entar Silvershield was assassinated, and that Sarevok's lackey Angelo Dosan has taken over control of the Flaming Fists.

7 - Harbor Master's Building

The Harbor Master will help you with Duke Eltan (see #12 for details).

8 - Jonavin

Jonavin is a Flaming Fist mercenary, but he won't recognize you. Instead, he'll give you some news: that the Flaming Fists are gearing up for war, and that Duke Eltan is sick.

9 - Brennan Risling

Somewhere around here you'll meet Brennan Risling. He'll tell you that there's going to be war soon between Baldur's Gate and Amn.

10 - Kolvar

Kolvar will only talk to you if you have Montaron and / or Xzar in your party. If that's the case, then he'll give you some news: that somebody is trying to push Baldur's Gate into a war, that Scar is dead, and that Duke Eltan is sick. He'll also recommend that youi break into the Iron Throne Headquarters (Exit A).

11 - Kaella

Kaella will tell you how "unprofessional" Sarevok is.

12 - Flaming Fist Castle

If you talked to Tamoko previously (#5), then you'll meet her just outside the castle. She'll tell you that she's Sarevok's lover, and she'll ask you to defeat him without killing him. If you agree to this, then she'll point out some useful targets for you: Slythe and Krystin in the Undercellar, and Cythandria in the Iron Throne Headquarters (Exit A). You'll need to tackle at least one of the targets to pick up some evidence against Sarevok.

If you get arrested, then your party will end up in cells on the main floor of the castle. Conveniently, your cell door will start out open, which will allow you to visit the other cells, where you'll meet Neb. Neb's a murderer and a riddler, and if you keep talking to him (or wait for him to talk to you), then he'll ask you up to three riddles. The answers are "33," "mirror," and "tomorrow." As soon as you get an answer right, Neb will show you a tunnel that will allow you to escape from the castle. If you keep getting the riddles wrong, then Neb will simply start repeating the third one until you get it right.

When you enter the castle without being arrested, you'll immediately encounter Benjy and a handful of spellcasting mercenaries. They'll attack you on sight. These enemies aren't true Flaming Fist mercenaries, so you won't lose any Reputation for killing them.

After winning the battle, you should head up to the upper floor. There you'll run into a guard named Kent. He'll tell you that Duke Eltan is sick in the next room, and that his healer Rashad isn't really a healer. Then he'll flee.

In the next room, you'll find Rashad and Duke Eltan. Rashad will demand to know what you're doing there, but soon enough he'll realize that the jig is up, and he'll turn into a greater doppelganger and attack you. You'll earn 4000 xp for killing him.

When you talk to Duke Eltan, he'll ask you to take him to the Harbor Master's building (#7), where he'll be safe from Angelo, and he'll give you an incriminating letter from Sarevok, which will mention the assassins Slythe and Krystin waiting in the Undercellar. Duke Eltan's body will then jump into your inventory. When you deliver Eltan to the Harbor Master, you'll earn 2500 xp.

13 - Addy

Addy will tell you that Baldur's Gate has no hope in a war against Amn, and she'll ask you to investigate the Iron Throne.

14 - Hecito and Sir Lothtyran

Around here you'll run into Hecito and Sir Lothtyran. Hecito will tell you that Amn is tired of the "bragging dukes" and that they're preparing for war. Sir Lothtyran will tell you how excited he is about Sarevok becoming a Grand Duke so the city will become free of "riff-raff" like you.

15 - Sugar

Sugar will tell you that Scar is dead and that Ivanne in the Blushing Mermaid (#18) saw it happen.

16 - Three Old Kegs

If you talked to Delthyr earlier (#4), then you'll meet him inside the Three Old Kegs. He'll tell you that Duke Eltan's healer Rashad has been acting suspiciously lately, and he'll recommend that you follow him to see where he goes each night when he leaves the Flaming Fist castle (#12). However, Rashad won't actually leave the castle. You'll have to confront him inside.

17 - Sorrel

At this spot you'll meet a Flaming Fist mercenary named Sorrel. He'll tell you that Scar is dead and Duke Eltan is sick, and that Angelo has used these events to take control of the Flaming Fists for Sarevok. Sorrel will then recommend that you investigate the Iron Throne Headquarters.

18 - Blushing Mermaid

If you talked to Husam earlier (#1), then you'll meet him out front of the inn. He'll reveal that he's with the Shadow Thieves, and he'll ask you to trust him. If you don't, then you'll have to fight him plus half a dozen (wimpy) Shadow Thieves, and you'll earn over 2000 xp for the battle. Husam will drop Leather Armor +1 and a Short Sword +1.

But if you trust Husam, then he'll tell you that a pair of Night Mask assassins named Slythe and Krystin have been framing Amn and the Shadow Thieves for recent events, and he'll suggest that you take care of them. If you agree, then he'll lead you to Ilmater's Shrine (#19). Inside, if you talk to the priest, then he'll teleport you to the Undercellar, which is where you'll find the assassins.

Inside the Blushing Mermaid, you'll meet a dwarf named Ivanne. If you pay him 10 gp, then he'll tell you how a doppelganger killed Scar.

19 - Ilmater's Shrine

Inside this shrine you'll meet a Priest of Ilmater. If you ask him about Selune (by selecting dialogue options 2-1-2-1), then he'll take you directly to the Undercellar, which is convenient since you'll need to go down there to defeat Sarevok's assassins.

  1. Entrance to the Iron Throne Headquarters.
  2. Entrance to the Ducal Palace. Out front you'll meet a guard named Bill. He won't allow you to enter the palace unless you have an invitation, which you can pick up from Slythe and Krystin in the Undercellar.