Seawatcher / Lighthouse (AR3600)

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At this point on the coast lies an old and abandoned lighthouse. Nobody seems to know why it was abandoned; perhaps it became obsolete when better navigation techniques were developed. Be careful, however, since this part of the coast is rather dangerous. Wolves, hobgoblins and sirines inhabit it and they can be quite annoying.

Note: In the original game, this map was unnamed (but usually called the Lighthouse). In the EE, it's called Seawatcher.

1 - Ardrouine

You'll meet Ardrouine here. She'll tell you that some worgs have trapped her son in the ligthhouse (#2), and she'll ask you to help. After defeating the worgs, when you return to Ardrouine, you'll receive 60 gp, +1 Reputation, and 500 xp.

2 - Lighthouse

You'll encounter a few worgs in the lighthouse's courtyard, which you'll need to defeat for Ardrouine (#1). There isn't any way to enter the lighthouse or the adjacent buildings.

3 - Arkushule

The gypsy Arkushule will offer to read your palm for 10 gp. If you let her, then she'll describe your childhood accurately, but after that she'll see something and panic, and she'll try to end your reading early. If you let her go, then she'll refuse your money and flee. If you keep pressing her about what she saw, then she'll attack you. Arkushule is worth 600 xp, and you'll find a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance and a scroll of Burning Hands on her corpse.

4 - Safana

Safana (CN, Human Female, Thief) is a seductive thief from the lands of Amn. She'll tell you that she has a map showing where the pirate Black Alaric hid his treasure before being captured, and she'll ask you to join her because "some sort of creature" is guarding it. The treasure cave is located to the west (#7), and you're not required to have Safana with you to loot it.

5 - Pallonia

When you approach this spot, the astrologer Pallonia will come up to you. If you're polite to her, then she'll give you accurate predictions about Amn and Neverwinter. If you're not polite, then she'll leave.

6 - Sirines

At these two spots you'll run into a trio of sirines. In the western encounter, one of the sirines will be named Sil, and she'll call your party "dirty land folk," but otherwise the two battles are exactly the same.

Sirines cast Improved Invisibility and Dire Charm, and they use bows for ranged damage. There are two basic ways to deal with them. You can have a bait character drink a Potion of Magic Blocking and then you can use that character to distract the sirines while the rest of your party pelts them with ranged attacks. Or you can just attack them. If you can disrupt their spells then they won't cast anything, and if one of your characters does get charmed, then you can have the rest of your party run away until the effect ends.

Sirines (including Sil) are worth 2000 xp each, and they'll drop up to five Arrows of Biting plus a Pearl when they die.

7 - Treasure Cave

Inside this cave you'll have to deal with flesh golems and traps, but you'll also find Black Alaric's treasure: an Antidote, a Cloak of the Wolf, ten Darts of Wounding, an Elixir of Health, a Manual of Bodily Health, a Potion of Absorption, a Potion of Infravision, a Wand of Paralyzation, and 312 gp.

Note: You'll need magic weapons (+1 or better) to damage the flesh golems.

Another Note: In the original game, the flesh golems would respawn if you rested in the cave, making it a good place to grind xp. But in the EE, you're much more likely to encounter carrion crawlers.