Detect Illusion: While characters search for traps, their well-trained eyes also allow them to detect the minor inconsistencies caused by illusion spells. This skill is the percetange chance per round of dispelling a nonfriendly illusion spell within 30 feet.

Find Traps: A character uses this ability to find small traps, pit traps, and alarms. It does not find large mechanical traps. Thieves may also use this ability to disarm any traps they find.

Hide in Shadows: Using this ability, a character can disappear into shadows or any other type of concealment -- bushes, curtains, crannies, etc.

Move Silently: When characters use this ability, they are able to move without making sound.

Open Locks: A thief uses this ability to pick padlocks, door locks, and combination locks.

Pick Pockets: The rogue uses this ability when filching small items from other people's pockets, sleeves, girdles, packs, and so on. With greater skill, a talented rogue can even snatch larger items, including weapons and certain articles of clothing.

Set Traps: A thief's skill in disarming traps allows him to create snares of his own.