Forest South of Beregost (AR3800)

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This area is just south of Beregost, which means that most bandits and monsters avoid it. If lucky, you could even meet a traveler on the road between Baldur's Gate and Amn. The Flaming Fists are also known to patrol the area, despite the recent troubles and bandit raids.

1 - Shelligh

At this spot you might meet a small boy named Shelligh picking berries for his family.

2 - Ogrillons / Dead Messenger

You'll discover two ogrillons standing over a dead messenger here. One of the ogrillons will have the messenger's scroll, which you should take to Mirianne in Beregost (located to the north). Ogrillons are tough and hit hard, so you might need to have them chase around your melee characters while your ranged characters pelt them with missiles and spells.

3 - Flaming Fist Mercenary

At this spot you'll encounter a Flaming Fist Mercenary. He'll mistake you for a bandit, and unless you respond to him in the right way (with dialogue options 1 and 3), he'll attack you. The mercenary might also have a pair of friends with him. But regardless, it's a good idea to accept the fight. You'll only earn 15 xp per kill, but each mercenary will drop Plate Mail -- not to mention a cool plumed Helmet -- and you won't take a Reputation loss.

4 - Hobgoblins

You'll encounter a group of hobgoblins here. One of them will drop Boots of Stealth: Worn Whispers, which you might want to deliver to Zhurlong in Beregost (located to the north) for a reward. Or you could just keep the boots.

5 - Cave

Inside this cave you'll find a large crate containing five Potions of Healing.

6 - Bub Snikt

At this spot you'll meet Bub Snikt. He'll tell you that he smells ogres in the area (#2), and then he'll leave.