Nashkel Mines, Outside (AR5400)

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The Nashkel Mines were once the main iron extraction site of the region of Baldur's Gate, at least before the troubles started. Miners started to disappear and others were too afraid to work. Production was greatly diminished and even the iron that left the mines was somehow tainted. The miners speak of little demons who have overrun the mines, but can they really be believed?

EE Note; After meeting Dorn (NE, Orc Male, Blackguard) in the Friendly Arm Inn, the first time you travel to the Nashel Mines, you'll get waylaid by brigands. They'll demand your money, but before they can make good on their threats, Dorn will show up and kill half of their men. During the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that Dorn has a history with the two leaders of the brigands, and that he doesn't like them very much. The encounter will then turn into a fight, and after defeating the brigands -- who will drop a Small Shield +1 and a Wakizashi +1 -- Dorn will offer to join you. If you accept him, then you'll lose 2 points of Reputation.

The tree trunk with the wand.
1 - Hidden Wand (X 165, Y 180)

Inside the tree trunk here, you can find a Wand of Frost.

2 - Warehouse

Inside this warehouse you'll get attacked by three war dogs, but you'll also find a Potion of Healing and 33 gp.

3 - Dandal

When you approach this spot, you'll get stopped by a soldier named Dandal. He'll warn you about the dangers in the area.

4 - Galtok

At this spot you'll encounter a gnome named Galtok being chased by kobolds. If you agree to help him, then four kobolds will appear, and you'll have to fight them. Galtok will flee, so you won't get a reward from him.

5 - Prism

You'll meet the sculptor Prism here. You might have heard of him in Nashkel because there's a bounty out for him there after he stole a pair of Emeralds. When you talk to Prism, you'll learn why he perpetrated the crime -- he needed the Emeralds to be the eyes in his sculpture of the elven queen Ellesime (who you'll meet in Baldur's Gate II).

You'll have three ways to handle the encounter:
  • You can attack Prism and loot the Emeralds from his corpse, and then deliver the Emeralds to Oublek in Nashkel to complete the bounty.

  • You can let Prism finish his sculpture. However, while Prism is working, the bounty hunter Greywolf will show up, and he'll want to claim the bounty for himself -- without waiting. So you'll have to fight him, which might be tough depending on your level (and might require you to have one character get chased around by Greywolf while the rest of your party uses ranged attacks to kill him). You'll earn 1400 xp when Greywolf dies, and you'll find the long sword Varscona +2 on his corpse. Then when you talk to Prism, you'll earn +1 Reputation and 1000 xp for protecting him. Unfortunately, with his masterpiece complete, Prism will kill himself, but you'll then be able to loot the Emeralds from his corpse, and take them to Oublek in Nashkel to claim the bounty.

  • You can let Greywolf claim the bounty. He'll then kill Prism and take the Emeralds, and you'll be left in the cold.

6 - Emerson

When you talk to Emerson here, he'll give you permission to enter the mines (Exit A).

  1. Entrance to the Nashkel Mines (Inside). The guards here will only stop blocking the entrance once you've gotten permission from Emerson (#6).