The Undercellar (AR0112) [Chapter 7]

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1 - Slythe and Krystin

Slythe and Krystin are a pair of married assassins who have been hired by Sarevok to kill the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate. When you get close enough to them, they'll insult you a bit, admit their purpose, and then attack you.

We didn't find this battle to be overly difficult. Slythe is a melee fighter who will attack you right away. Krystin is a mage who will start out invisible and then take the time to buff herself before attacking. That means if you're quick you can kill Slythe while Krystin is preparing herself, and then kill Krystin, essentially breaking up the fight into two solo battles.

You'll earn 8000 xp for defeating the assassins, and when you loot their corpses you'll find 10 Bullets +1, 10 Bullets +2, the dagger Longtooth, a Potion of Master Thievery, a Short Sword of Backstabbing, a Sling +1, and scrolls of Clairvoyance, Flame Arrow, Monster Summoning I, Non-Detection, Protection from Normal Missiles, Skull Trap, and Vampiric Touch.

You'll also find an invitation and a letter. The invitation will get you into the Ducal Palace (in Baldur's Gate North) for Sarevok's coronation. The letter will give you evidence against Sarevok.

  1. Exit to the Central Sewers.
  2. Exit to the Western Sewers.
  3. Exit to the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate Northeast.
  4. Exit to the Eastern Sewers.