South of Lighthouse (AR4100)

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This area is not too far from the coast and is entirely deserted. The two spots of interest are Charleston Nib's digging site and Commander Brage's latest massacre.

1 - Laryssa / Brage / Destroyed Caravan

When you approach this scene of slaughter, you'll get stopped by Laryssa. She'll warn you that her cousin Brage is "possessed by another's soul," and that you should flee before he turns his blade on you. If you ask Laryssa who Brage is (even though you should know), then she'll allow you to pass. Otherwise, she'll attack you. Laryssa is worth 600 xp, and you'll find a Small Shield +1 on her corpse.

Regardless of Laryssa's fate, when you reach Brage, you'll have two choices for how to deal with him:

2 - Ruins

At the ruins here you'll meet Charleston Nib. He'll tell you that he and his men have been excavating an acnient settlement, and that they're just about ready to break into an inner chamber. However, he'll add that he's had problems with bandits recently, and so he'll hire you to keep watch. If you press him about payment, then he'll offer you 50 gp for your services.

After talking to Nib, you'll be approached by his partner Gallor. Gallor will inform you that Nib is all about gaining knowledge and donating artifacts to museums, which isn't practical at all. So he'll try to convince you to kill Nib and his men, so the two of you can split the profits of whatever you find inside the inner chamber.

Regardless of your choice, you'll next need to talk to Nib. He'll tell you that the inner chamber is now open, and he'll lead you to it. However, when you get there, Nib's diggers will become donimated by a god named Kozah, and they'll attack you -- and probably die in one hit each.

If you sided with Nib, then you should talk to him next. He'll recommend that you leave the inner chamber untouched so Kozah can go back to being forgotten, and you'll earn 50 gp (if you asked for it), +1 Reputation, and 1000 xp.

If you sided with Gallor, then next you'll need to kill Nib. This will cost you Reputation, and you'll only find 100 gp on his corpse. You should then loot the Idol from the altar in the inner chamber and deliver it to Gallor. When you do, you'll earn 900 gp and -2 Reputation.

There's one final stage to the encounter. If you steal the Idol from the inner chamber and take it outside the excavated cave, then a Doomsayer will show up and attack you. If you sided with Gallor, then Gallor will become dominated and attack you as well. The Doomslayer is tough. It has a lot of hitpoints, and it's also phased, so you'll have trouble hitting it. But if you manage to kill it, then you'll earn 4000 xp. You'll also get to keep the Idol, which you might be able to use in Ulcaster.

3 - Ba'ruk the Bandit

At this spot you'll get stopped by a bandit named Ba'ruk. No matter what you say to him, he and five kobold commandos will attack you. The commandos will drop Arrows of Fire when they die.

4 - Gnolls

You'll get attacked by a group of gnolls here, including a gnoll chieftain.