Thieves' Maze (AR0146)

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This old maze was built by a master thief -- who was also adept in magic -- a long time ago. So long agoin fact that no one remembers its creator's name. The maze was originally designed to test the skills of the thieves of the guild house, but eventually became the doom of many unwary travelers.

Fierce undead creatures and slimes still haunt the maze, bound by the spell that summoned them in the first place. There are also deadly traps around that can only be found by the most skilled of thieves.

Your party needs to travel through the maze in order to find Sarevok's hideout. There are some routes better than others, and those are the shortest ones. The monsters in this maze give a lot of experience but can also deal massive damage to your party and are best avoided.

Note: Red circles indicate floor traps.

1 - Voleta Stiletto

When you enter the maze, you'll immediately run into the injured thief Voleta Stiletto, who was stabbed by Sarevok as he passed by. Voleta will give you some background information about the maze -- warning you about its traps and inhabitants -- and she'll also mention that Sarevok was traveling with a mage.

2 - Winski Perorate

You might remember seeing Winski in the Ducal Palace when he teleported Sarevok out of harm's way. Now you'll find him slumped by the exit door (Exit B), discarded like a piece of trash. When you talk to Winski, you'll learn that he was Sarevok's mentor, and that he was after the fame associated with assisting in the ascension of the new Lord of Murder. If you kill Winski, then you'll take a Reputation loss.

  1. Exit to the Thieves' Guild in Baldur's Gate East.
  2. Eixt to the Undercity.