Larswood (AR2900)

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Just like Peldvale, this area should be visited before you clean the Bandit Camp. A lot of bandits will be spread around and you'll be able to scalp them. Apart from the bandits, you should watch out for wild animals, which are quite numerous in the area.

1 - Druid Shrine

While you're exploring the shrine here, you'll get stopped by a druid named Osmadi. He'll accuse you of murdering his brother druids, and he'll attack you. Osmadi isn't too difficult by himself, but he'll call on the cave bears in the area, and they'll turn hostile and attack you as well. So be careful not to let your casters get clobbered by the bears.

Osmadi is worth 1000 xp, and the bears are worth 650 xp each. You'll also find the cursed spear Backbiter on Osmadi's corpse.

When Osmadi turns hostile, another druid named Corsone will appear at the shrine, and he'll even help you in the battle if he's close enough to it. Afterwards, if you question Corsone and press him for details, then he'll admit to being a Shadow Druid -- and the poisoner of the druids at the shrine. Following that he'll attack you, and you'll earn 1000 xp for defeating him.

2 - Teven

You'll meet the bandit lieutenant Teven here. If you tell him that you want to join him because it's "bloodthirsty" work, then he'll escort you to the Bandit Camp, and you'll earn 400 xp. If you tell him that you want to join him because he's "too good" at this job -- then he'll still escort you to the Bandit Camp -- just as prisoners instead of new recruits -- and you won't earn any xp.

Anything else you say to Teven will cause him and his men to attack you. You'll earn 1430 xp total for the battle, but you won't find anything interesting on the corpses other than scalps.

Note: If you kill Teven, then you'll still be able to infiltrate the Bandit Camp by talking to Raiken in Peldvale. But if you kill both, then you'll have to fight your way through the Bandit Camp.

3 - Baeloth (EE)

If you're at least level 5, and if you're playing the EE, then after clearing this lcoation of enemies (if necessary), Baeloth (CE, Elf Make, Sorcerer) will suddenly appear, and he'll offer to join your party. If you accept him, then you'll lose two points of Reputation. If you kill him, then you won't earn any xp, but you will find ten Darts of Acid +1, a Quarterstaff +1, a Robe of the Evil Archmagi, two Speedily Stolen Slaves' Salves, and 1000 gp on his corpse.