Baldur's Gate Southeast (AR1300)

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This part of Baldur's Gate is located just to the east of the docks and shelters a good number of shops and houses. You can also buy a drink at the Blade and Stars here, making this district a nice place to visit.

1 - Nemphre's House

Inside this house you'll meet Nemphre. If your Reputation is high enough, then she'll tell you that an old lover of hers named Arkion has been threatening her with "very dark magic," and so she'll ask you to steal Arkion's Bloodstone Amulet so she can put an end to his abuse.

You'll find Arkion inside his house in Baldur's Gate East. You can either kill him or pickpocket him to get the amulet. Then when you deliver the amulet to Nemphre, she'll reward you with a scroll of Vampiric Touch, and you'll also earn 1000 xp.

Note: If you talk to Ordulinian inside Sorcerous Sunduries in Baldur's Gate East, then he inform you that Arkion and Nemphre are rival necromancers, and he'll give you a quest to bring him Nemphre's Onyx Ring and Arkion's Bloodstone Amulet. You can kill or pickpocket Nemphre to get her ring. If you choose to kill her, then you'll also earn 1200 xp and find a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance on her corpse.

Inside the house, you'll also find a Cloak of Protection +1 in the shelf in the kitchen.

2 - Shop

The storekeep here will sell you some basic weapons and armor, plus a Large Shield +1.

3 - House

When you enter this house, you'll interrupt the thieves Tavex and Michael, and one of three things will happen:
  • If you say that you're the owner of the house, then you can threaten the thieves into giving you 210 gp.

  • If you say that you're thieves as well and tell them the password "fafhrd" (learned from Niklos in Baldur's Gate East), or if you beg for your life, then they'll leave you in peace.

  • If you say the incorrect password or if you reveal that you're not the owner of the house, then they'll attack you. You'll earn 1275 xp for killing them, and you'll find 25 Arrows of Fire, 40 Bolts of Lightning, a Light Crossbow +1, and some gems and gp (in total worth way more than 210 gp) on their corpses.
The house itself won't have anything interesting left to loot.

4 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Insight in a cabinet on the ground floor.

5 - Gantolandan's House

You'll have to steal a Rogue Stone from this house for one of Narlen Darkwalk's quests in Baldur's Gate East. To get away with the gem without waking up Gantolandan, you might need to pretend to be a cat. If you decide to kill Gantolandan, then you'll earn 1200 xp, and you'll find a Long Sword +1 on his corpse.

Note: It's safe to steal the gem before receiving the quest, but you'll just have to remember to hang onto it until Narlen wants it.

6 - Nikolai

During the day, you might run into an old man named Nikolai around here. If you pay him 15 gp, then he'll tell you some of the history of the city.

7 - Blade and Stars

You'll meet a few people of interest inside this inn:
  • Elkart (ground floor). If you have Eldoth and Skie in your party, then you'll be able to blackmail Elkart for 1000 gp once per day for eight days. After that he'll call for the guards, and you'll have to flee unless you don't mind the Reputation hit.

  • G'Axir the Seer (ground floor). He'll -- in a roundabout way -- ask you to bring him a Sphene Gem from the "lair of the basilisk." You'll find the gem and the basilisk in a warehouse in Baldur's Gate South. When you bring the gem to G'Axir, you'll receive 1000 xp.

  • Innkeeper (ground floor). He'll sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

  • Shaella aka Elnaedra (ground floor). She's a priestess of Leira the Mistshadow. If you keep sounding confused when you talk to her (by selecting dialogue options 1-1-1-1-2-1), then she'll ask you to fetch the Great Book of Unknowing from Candlekeep. However, this isn't really a quest. If you immediately talk to her again and say that you've searched for the book without finding it, then Shaella / Elnaedra will say that you've already found it, and that's how the quest will end. You won't get a reward.

  • Maple Willow Aspen (second floor). If you ask her about trees then she'll blow up.

  • Reginald "Longtooth" Worthington III (third floor). He'll talk a lot, but he won't say anything.

8 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Healing in a cabinet on the upper floor.

9 - Warehouse

Inside this warehouse you'll meet Nadarin. He'll tell you that a basilisk has gotten loose at the docks (in Baldur's Gate South), and he'll ask you to kill it. When you return to Nadarin after defeating the basilisk, you'll receive 1300 xp plus one of three rewards:
  • If you're playing the EE then you'll receive 500 gp.

  • If you're playing the otiginal game and have a high Reputation, then you'll receive 1800 gp.

  • If you're playing the original game and have a low Reputation, then you'll receive 500 gp and Boots of Stealth.

10 - General Store

Well-Adjusted Al the storekeep will have some basic ranged weapons and ammunition for sale. You'll also find a Potion of Absorption and a Potion of Insight in the store's shelves, if you don't mind stealing them.

11 - Warehouse

You can steal a scroll of Blur from the table in the back of this warehouse.

12 - Tavern

You'll meet a few people of interest inside this tavern:
  • Bartender (ground floor). He'll sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

  • Euric (ground floor). He's involved in a quest from his mother Nadine in Baldur's Gate Central.

  • Sanadal Gwist (upper floor). She'll tell you that her "pure of heart" relatives Carbos and Shank are missing, and she'll ask you to look for them. You might remember the pair from when they tried to kill you at Candlekeep at the start of the game. When you inform Gwist that the duo is dead, she'll reveal that they actually just owed her money, and then she'll make a hasty exit.