Baldur's Gate Southwest (AR1100)

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This part of the city shelters a good number of stores as well as a pair of inns. The interesting locations are the Flaming Fist Castle and the two merchant costers: The Seven Suns and the Merchant League. There are also a few houses to visit, should you have some spare time.

1 - Seven Suns

When you first approached Baldur's Gate (at AR0900), you might have accepted a quest from Scar to investigate the Seven Suns. If you missed the quest at that point, then you can pick it up now from Scar in front of the Flaming Fist Castle (#5).

When you enter the building, a merchant will warn you that shapeshifters have invaded the coster, and then he'll quickly depart. As you explore the building, you'll discover that the merchant was right. You'll encounter five doppelgangers -- two on the main floor, two on the upper floor, and one in the basement -- pretending to be merchants. If you tell them that you're a loner who won't be missed, or if you enter the basement, then they'll attack you, and you'll earn 420 xp for each one you kill.

In the basement, you'll meet Jhasso, the owner of the coster. If you mention Scar to him, then he'll tell you how the shapeshifters took over his business from the ground up, and how they've been torturing him for days to learn more about the coster. He'll then recommend that you return to Scar.

Also in the basement, you'll find some containers that you can loot for a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, a scroll of Protection from Electricity, a scroll of Protection from Undead, a Spear +1, a Wand of Magic Missiles, and some gems and gold.

2 - Potion Shop

The storekeep here will have a wide variety of potions for sale, including a few that are cursed.

3 - Ranged Weapons Shop

The storekeep here will have lots of basic ranged weapons and ammunition for sale.

4 - Ye Old Inn

When you enter this inn, you'll discover that five green slimes are attacking the customers. The bartender will die no matter what, but if any of the customers survive then you'll learn that just before you arrived, the bartender got into an argument with Ramazith, and Ramazith summoned the slimes. You'll meet Ramazith in Baldur's Gate North.

5 - Flaming Fist Castle

The main person you'll meet in this castle is Scar, a captain with the Flaming Fist. He'll give you three quests:
  • Quest 1: The Seven Suns. You'll receive this quest from Scar either in front of the castle or on the bridge leading to Baldur's Gate (AR0900). Either way, Scar will ask you to investigate the Seven Suns since they've been making some strange business decisions lately.

    Inside the Seven Suns headquarters (#1), a merchant will tell you that the coster has been taken over by doppelgangers. If you report in to Scar at this point, then he'll ask you to defeat the doppelgangers, and you'll receive 2000 gp and 2000 xp. Then after taking care of the doppelgangers and freeing Jhasso, the owner of the Seven Suns (who you'll find in the basement of the headquarters), when you return to Scar you'll receive 6000 gp, +2 Reputation, and 5000 xp.

  • Quest 2: Missing Citizens. For this quest, Scar will tell you that people have been disappearing from the city lately, and he'll ask you to look for answers in the Sewers. He'll also give you 300 gp in advance. You can find entrances into the Sewers in multiple districts in Baldur's Gate, but the best entrances for this quest are in Baldur's Gate East.

    Inside the eastern Sewers, you'll run into a ogre mage with six pet carrion crawlers. When the mage spots you, he'll brag that he's been using his pets to kill "surface pinklings" so he can steal their treasure. Then he and his pets will attack you.

    Carrion crawlers should be pushovers for you by this point in the game, so focus on the mage first and then mop up the rest. You'll earn 3590 xp for the battle, and you'll find a Bastard Sword +1 (in the original game) or a Scimitar +1 (in the EE) on the mage's corpse. You'll also find Sashenstar's Ruby Ring (or just a Ruby Ring) on the mage, which you'll need for Scar.

    When you return to Scar, you'll receive 1000 gp and 2000 xp. If you hand over the Ruby Ring, then you'll earn an additional 3000 gp and 1000 xp.

  • Quest 3: The Iron Throne. For this quest you'll have to meet Scar just outside the Flaming Fist Castle. He'll tell you that he has a job for you involving the Iron Throne, and that Duke Eltan would like to talk to you about it. If you agree to continue, then Scar will escort you to Eltan's office on the upper floor of the castle.

    When you talk to Eltan he'll ask you to infiltrate the Iron Throne Headquarters and see if you can find proof that they're the ones behind the iron problems and the caravan raids. If you refuse the assignment or deny knowing anything about the Iron Throne, then Eltan will kill you and you'll have to load a saved game. So just go along with it.

    The Iron Throne Headquarters is located in Baldur's Gate South. Inside, you'll discover that the Iron Throne has about as many doppelgangers as the Seven Suns, and after winning a major battle on the top floor, you'll find a letter indicating that Rieltar and Brunos, two of the leaders of the Iron Throne, have left for Candlekeep to discuss an important matter.

    When you relay this information to Eltan, he'll recommend that you travel to Candlekeep to see what Rieltar and Brunos are up to. He'll then pay you 2000 gp for your work, and he'll give you the book History of the Nether Scrolls so you can pay the Portal Keeper and re-enter Candlekeep. This conversation will end Chapter 5, and you'll be teleported to Candlekeep afterwards, so you should finish up anything you still need to do in Baldur's Gate before continuing.

    Note: If you kill Duke Eltan, then you'll find the History of the Nether Scrolls on his corpse. You can also pickpocket him for the book.
Also in the castle, you'll meet Fergus on the ground floor. He'll tell you that he needs an Angel Skin Ring so he can propose to his girlfriend. You can find such a ring in many places in Baldur's Gate, including Felonius Gist's Manor (in Baldur's Gate Central), Oberan's Estate (also in Baldur's Gate Central), and the Helm and Cloak (in Baldur's Gate Northwest). When you deliver the ring to Fergus, you'll receive +1 Reputation and 800 xp.

You can also do some looting in the castle. In the basement you'll find Chain Mail +1 and a Halberd +1 in a locked chest. On the second floor, you'll find a Medium Shield +1, Splint Mail +1, and over 1000 gp.

6 - Tiax

Tiax (CE, Gnome Male, Cleric/Thief) is an insane gnome who thinks that he was chosen by Cyric to do his will. Tiax is neither a good cleric nor a good thief but can be quite fun to have if you're playing an evil-aligned party.

7 - House

Inside this house you'll be confronted by Wiven, who will demand your money or your life. When you decide to fight, three archers named Dirk, Meakin and Sath will pop up, and you'll have to take them all on. You'll earn 1800 xp for defeating the quartet, and you'll find a Potion of Master Thievery, scrolls of Ghost Armor and Protection from Normal Missiles, a Short Sword +1, and lots of Arrows +1 and Arrows of Fire on their corpses. You can also pick up scrolls of Friends and Identify if you loot the containers in the house.

8 - House

Inside this house, you'll find a Potion of Healing in a locked chest on the upper floor.

9 - House

Inside this house, you'll find an Antidote in a cabinet on the ground floor.

10 - Inn

Inside this inn you'll meet two bartenders and a gamesman, who will perform their regular duties. If you rest in the inn, then you'll be confronted by a paladin named Phandalyn. If any character in your party is evil, then he'll attack you. Phandalyn is worth 2700 xp, and you'll find a Spear +1 on his corpse, but killing him will cost you Reputation points.

11 - House

If you enter this house, then the owner Sunin will take you for thieves and attack you. Sunin is a mage, and he'll summon his servants Joular and Maka to help him (if you say you have an excuse for being there), but the battle should not be too difficult, mostly because Sunin will start out right next to you, and so you should be able to kill him before he can cast anything. You'll earn 4500 xp for defeating the trio, and you'll find some Arrows of Piercing, a Long Sword +1, a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, a Ring of Wizardry, and scrolls of Fireball and Vampiric Touch on the corpses.

12 - Weapons and Armor Shop

The storekeep in this shop will have some basic weapons and armor for sale, including a Large Shield +1.

13 - Weapons and Armor Shop

The storekeep in this shop will have some +1 weapons and armor for sale, including a Girdle of Bluntness.

14 - Merchants' League Estate

If you helped Aldeth Sashenstar in the Cloakwood Forest (AR2200), then you'll find him standing just outside the building here. When you talk to him, he'll ask you for another favor. He'll tell you that he's part owner of the Merchants' League, but that the other two owners, Irlentree and Zorl Miyar, have been acting strangely lately, as if they're "wholly different people." If you've already investigated the Seven Suns (#1), then this might sound familiar. Regardless, Aldeth will open the way into the estate for you, and he'll ask you to look around. If you sided against Aldeth earlier, then he'll be dead, and you won't be able to enter the estate.

Inside the estate, you'll meet a couple of guards by the entrance. They'll guess what you're up to, and they'll suggest that you talk to Brandilar, their superior. You'll find him on the second floor. Meanwhile, if you talk to the merchants, then they'll warn you to be careful. If you reveal why you're there, then they'll recommend that you search Zorl's office on the second floor.

By the stairs leading to the second floor, you'll meet Irlentree. He'll tell you that they're going to hold a party celebrating the anniversary of Aldeth joining the League, and that it'll be on the third floor. He'll ask you to attend because there will be some "interesting surprises."

On the second floor, you'll meet Aldeth, Brandilar and Zorl by the staircase. Aldeth will tell you that it's not his anniversary. If you inform Brandilar why you're there, then he'll tell you that he can't do anything unless you find "hard proof." Zorl will test how much you know about Aldeth, but it won't make any difference what you say to him.

Next, you should head into Zorl's office past the bar. In his (locked) desk you'll find three letters and 980 gp. The letters will indicate that Irlentree and Zorl are doppelgangers, and that they're planning on dealing with Aldeth -- and you -- next.

You'll have two choices for what to do next:
  • If you give the letters to Aldeth, then he'll recommend that you attend the party on the third floor. When you go up there, Irlentree and Zorl will be there, and they'll admit not only to being doppelgangers, but that Rieltar hired them. Then they and the 14 dopplegangers with them will attack you, but you'll have Brandilar helping you out. Doppelgangers are simple melee creatures, so even with an army of them to fight, the battle should not be too difficult.

  • If you give the letters to Brandilar, then all of the doppelgangers in the estate will change to their true form and attack you. That means you'll be able to split the battle into three parts: Zorl alone on the second floor, Irlentree and four doppelgangers on the main floor, and ten doppelgangers on the third floor.
Regardless, after dispatching all of the doppelgangers, when you return to Aldeth, you'll receive your reward: the bastard sword Kondar +1, 100 gp, and 5000 xp.