Candlekeep [Chapter 6] (AR2626)

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Strange things happen in one's life, and they're even stranger when one is the child of a god. After exploring the entire Sword Coast from east to west and north to south in order to investigate the evil that plagues it, you now return to Candlekeep, your starting point. You'll probably see things from a different perspective this time around. You're no longer the lonely child who spent his years inside the keep's austere walls but a young adventurer trying to discover himself and his heritage. Be careful as the dangers inside the keep are now more significant than a pair of neophyte assassins.

1 - Keeper of the Portal

To re-enter Candlekeep, you'll have to give this keeper the book History of the Nether Scrolls, which you should have received from Duke Eltan (in Baldur's Gate Southwest) at the end of Chapter 5.

2 - Priests' Quarters

Inside this building, you'll discover a Priest of Oghma along with several cats, some living and some dead. If you keep asking the priest about the cats, then eventually he'll get tired of you and reveal his true form -- a doppelganger -- and then attack you. You'll earn 420 xp for killing him.

3 - Candlekeep Inn

Inside this inn, you'll meet Winthrop, who will sell you drinks, rent you rooms, and sell you some basic equipment. If you loot all of the containers in the inn, then you'll end up with a Diamond (worth 500 gp), a Potion of Clarity, scrolls of Armor and Infravision, and more.

4 - Hull

You'll meet your old friend Hull here. If you ask him for help, then he'll give you an Antidote.

5 - Bunkhouse

Inside the bunkhouse you'll meet Parda. He'll warn you that some of the people in the keep are "so strange" now, and pass him in the halls without saying a word. Given what you've seen in Baldur's Gate, not to mention in the priests' quarters (#2), you should recognize that these are the symptoms of a doppelganger infection.

6 - Cadderly

At this spot you'll meet an old friend of Gorion's named Cadderly. He'll tell you a bit about your foster father, including that he was a member of the Harpers.

  1. Entrance to the Candlekeep Library.