Nashkel (AR4800)

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Nashkel is the northernmost town situated in Amnish territory. Usually a calm and peaceful place, Nashkel has been turned upside down by the recent problems at the mines. Miners have gone missing and the ore from the mines has been tainted. The population is worried and the Amnish Guard has been unable to do anything, especially after the loss of Commander Brage, who recently murdered his family.

1 - Bardolan

When you cross the bridge here, a soldier named Bradolan will come up to you and give you some backgorund information about the area, including that there are demons in the mines and that Commander Brage recently went mad and killed his family.

2 - Rasaad (EE)

At this spot you'll witness Rasaad (LG, Human Male, Sun Soul Monk) trying to explain his faith to an onlooking crowd. Regardless of what you say to him (including if you incite a fight), he'll offer to join you.

3 - Nashkel Inn

If you're playing the EE, then just outside the inn you'll meet a woman named Taris. She's a part of Dorn's quest. If you talk to her without Dorn in your party, then she'll just give you a vague description of a "lout" and ask you if you've seen him. Later, if you have Dorn with you, then Taris will tell you that her husband was lured away by a sorceress named Kryll, and that they headed east past the Nashkel Mines (to wilderness zone AR5500).

When you enter the inn, you'll get attacked by a bounty hunter named Neira. You'll earn 650 xp for killing her, and you'll find a Helm of Infravision on her corpse. Amusingly, she'll have a bounty notice on her, and if you keep reading them, then you'll see that the price on your head keeps increasing.

After clearing out the Nashkel Mines, you'll get attacked by another assassin just outside the inn. This assassin, named Nimbul, is a competent mage, but between your party and all the Amnish soldiers around (who will help you fight him), he shouldn't pose much of a problem. You'll earn 650 xp for killing Nimbul, and you'll find Boots of Avoidance, a Ring of Infravision, a Short Sword +1, a scroll of Find Familar, and a letter on his corpse. The letter will indicate that Nimbul was hired by Tazok and paid by Tranzig. You'll meet Tazok at the Bandit Camp and Tranzig in Beregost.

4 - Nashkel Store

The storekeeper inside this shop will sell you a variety of basic equipment, plus a Large Shield +1. He'll also offer to buy Winter Wolf Pelts from you for 500 gp each.

5 - Mayor Ghastkill

When you approach this spot, you'll get stopped by Berrun Ghastkill, Nashkel's mayor. He'll tell you that something is wrong with the Nashkel Mines to the southeast, and he'll ask you to investigate. Once you've picked up the holy symbol of the person responsible for the troubles, when you return to Ghastkill you'll receive 900 gp, +1 Reputation, and 1000 xp.

6 - Temple of Helm

Inside the temple you'll meet Nalin. He'll perform regular priest duties, including selling you a Stone to Flesh Scroll, which you might need at the Carnival to the east. Nalin will also speculate that Commander Brage might be under an "evil influence," and that if you were to bring him to the temple, then he wouldn't need to die for his crimes. If you follow Nalin's advice and deliver Brage to him, then you'll earn 1000 gp, +1 Reputation, and 1000 xp, which is better than you'd get from the bounty offered by Oublek (#7). You'll find Brage in wilderness zone AR4100 located to the northwest.

Note: If you're feeling evil, then you can kill Nalin without suffering a Reputation loss. He's worth 1400 xp, and he'll drop 1095 gp, Plate Mail, and a Mace +1.

7 - Oublek

Oublek is in charge of the bounties in the area. The first time you talk to him, he'll mistake you for a bounty hunter named Greywolf. If you don't disabuse him of this notion, then he'll pay you 200 gp, but then later he'll figure out your ruse and refuse to pay you for completing any of his bounties. If you inform Oublek that you're not Greywolf, then you'll gain +1 Reputation.

Oublek will give you two bounties:
  • Commander Brage. You'll only earn this bounty if you kill Brage. You can also send him to the Temple of Helm (#6) for a better reward. You'll find Brage in widlerness zone AR4100, located along the coast to the northwest. If you kill Brage there and return to Oublek, then you'll receive 250 gp and 500 xp.

  • Prism's Emeralds. You'll run into Prism at the Nashkel Mines. He'll be trying to use the Emeralds in a sculpture. You can either kill Prism and take the Emeralds, or let him finish his sculpture (and kill Greywolf while you're waiting) and then take the Emeralds afterwards. Either way, when you hand the Emeralds over to Oublek, you'll earn 300 gp and 200 xp. You can also skip the bounty and sell the Emeralds for 750 gp each.

8 - Gravestone

The first time you click on the "Mark D" gravestone here, the mage Daer'Ragh will appear and warn you to never do that again. If you click on the gravestone again anyway, then Daer'Ragh will re-appear, he'll summon nine Phoenix Guards, and he'll attack you. This battle will kill you really quickly early in the game, but later you might want to come back and try your luck. The Phoenix Guards will explode when they die, causing lots of damage, and none of the enemies will drop anything interesting, but you'll earn about 2000 xp if you survive.

9 - Garrison

The first time you enter the garrison, a guard will yell at you to get out, but no matter what you say to him, he'll leave and you'll be allowed to stay. Of course, there isn't much of interest inside the garrison. In one of the locked chests you'll find a Short Sword +1.

10 - Minsc

Minsc (NG, Human Male, Ranger) will ask you to help him rescue Dynaheir, a wizard he was asked to protect. You'll find Dynaheir being held prisoner in the Gnoll Stronghold located to the west of Nashkel.

11 - Manor House

On the main floor of this house, you'll find scrolls of Chill Touch, Magic Missile, and Shield in a shelf. Upstairs, if you threaten to kill Samantha or get too forward with her, then she'll call for her lover Jamie, and they'll flee the manor, leaving you alone in their bedroom where you'll be able to liberate some potions and gp.

12 - Belching Dragon Tavern

Inside this tavern you'll meet the famous Volothamp Geddarm. He'll give you backgorund information about the iron shortage and Commander Brage, the two main quests in the area.

13 - House

Inside this house you'll meet a commoner. She'll tell you that her husband Joseph is working in the Nashkel Mines, and she'll ask you to look for him to see if he's okay. To help you recognize him, she'll let you know that he wears a greenstone ring on his left hand. You'll find Joseph's body on Level 3 of the mines. If you loot his ring and give it to his wife, then you'll receive 800 xp.

14 - Edwin

You'll meet Edwin (LE, Human Male, Conjurer) on the bridge here. He'll tell you that he's hunting for a treacherous witch named Dynaheir, and that he wants you to help him kill her. You'll find Dynaheir in the Gnoll Stronghold located to the west of Nashkel.

Note: Since Edwin and Minsc (#10) want exactly the opposite thing, they won't get along very well (and might even fight each other) if you have them in your party at the same time. Luckily, there are lots of possible companions, so it shouldn't be an issue.

15 - Noober

At this spot you'll meet Noober, the most annoying resident of Nashkel. Every few seconds, he'll say something to you. If you get tired of him, then you can kill him and not suffer a Reputation loss, but you'll only earn 15 xp. Your other option is to let him talk to you about 30 times, which will earn you 400 xp for being patient.

The hole with the plate mail.
16 - Hidden Ankheg Plate Mail (X 187, Y 2742)

In a little hole near the tree here, you can find Ankheg Plate Mail and a Pearl (worth 100 gp). Ankheg Plate Mail offers better protection than Plate Mail, plus it's lighter, so it's good for a weak fighter like Khalid.

17 - Karp

Somewhere around here you'll run into a farmer named Karp. She's just around for flavor.