Candlekeep (AR2500)

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This citadel of learning stands on a volcanic crag, overlooking the sea. It is a many-towered fortress, once the home of the famous seer Alaundo, and it preserves his predictions along with all the written records and learning of the Realms that can be assembled. Candlekeep is certainly no tourist resort, but there is a store, a temple and a fair inn here. The price for most travelers to enter the Keep proper is a book. Those wishing to examine any writing in the Keep's library must gift Candlekeep with a new tome of no less than 10,000 gp value.

1 - Candlekeep Inn

1st Floor:

Firebead Elvenhair: Quest to retrieve an Identify scroll from Tethtoril (#14). You get 50 xp and a Potion of Healing, and Firebead casts Protection from Evil on you for doing so.
Inventory: Traveler's Robe, Dagger and 391 gp.
Worth: 2700 xp
Spoilers: Talk to Firebead 30 times and he gives you 300 gp!
Strategy: If you wish to gain some easy experience so that you don't start the game as a level 1 character, you can use Firebead to do so. First, you will need some sort of missile weapon. A bow does the trick fine. Then, place yourself at the bottom of the stairs and start shooting at him. Each time he tries to cast a spell, go up the stairs and then come back to continue your attack. He uses Horror and Melf's Acid Arrow amongst other things, so it is important that you don't get hit. After a few tries, the old elf drops dead and you collect 2700 xp and quite some gold! Then, export your character and start a new game. Your reputation will be restored and you'll keep your experience. Do this strategy 4 or 5 times and you'll reach level 5 quite easily!

Winthrop: Winthrop is the innkeeper of Candlekeep. He tries to be funny but he ends up being a bit pathetic. Anyway, be nice to him and he'll sell to you all you need to start your adventure.
Rooms: The 4 types of rooms are offered.
Shop: Basic weapons and armor.
Drinks: Yes.
Steal: Yes.

Chest: There is a chest in the room adjacent to that of Winthrop. It is easy to open and contains 18 gp and 2 scrolls: Armor and Infravision.

2nd Floor:

Noblemen: There are 2 pompous noblemen on this floor. Don't even bother to speak to them as they have nothing of value to say.

Chests: This level of the inn is perfect for a bit of thievery. The first 3 chests from the stairs are rather easy to open and they contain all together 40 gp, a Silver Necklace, and a Potion of Clarity. The chest in the room of one of the Noblemen can be opened but the guards will be summoned. It contains nevertheless 86 gp and a Flamedance Ring, so if you can escape the guard it is well worth it. Finally, the chest in the room opposite to that of the nobleman is very hard to open (it requires Open Locks 70) but contains a Star Sapphire (worth 1000 gp!).

2 - Phlydia

Quest to retrieve a book "The History of Halruaa" from a haystack (4). Gives you 50 xp and a Lynx Eye Gem (worth 7 gp) for doing so. Note that you can pickpocket Phlydia for a Gold Necklace (worth 30 gp).

3 - Priests' Quarters

Shank: An assassin (the first of many!) who wants to kill you in order to collect a bounty. He is easy to kill and is only worth 20 xp. Search the building afterwards for a bit of gold, a Dagger and a War Hammer.

4 - Dreppin

Quest to retrieve an Antidote for his sick cow, Nessa. He believes that the antidote is in Hull's possession (#8), but in fact it is at the barracks (#12) in Hull's chest (the one on the right portion of the room). Gives you 50 xp for doing so.

5 - Temple of Oghma

Priest of Oghma: Offers all the basic services of a temple: Healing, Donations, a Shop and an Identify section -- for a price, that is.

6 - Jondalar

Offers you a basic fighting lesson for free and even brings in an archer friend, Erik, during the fight. You take no damage and the fight stops when you hit either Jondalar or Erik. They then suggest that you see the Gatewarden (#10) if you wish to practice with a party.

7 - The Storehouse

Reevor: A retired army soldier who is guarding(?) the treasures of the Storehouse of the Keep. Sends you to kill the mice inside ASAP. There are 5 mice worth 1 xp each. Once your task is done, return to Reevor for 5 gp and 50 xp.

8 - Hull

Quest to bring his sword from the barracks (#12). He also tells you that Dreppin's Antidote is at the barracks too. Hull's bed and chest are the ones on the right portion of the room. You get 50 xp and 10 gp for helping Hull, or 20 gp if your charisma is 18 or more.

9 - Clinic

Priest of Oghma: Gives you a Potion of Healing if you ask. He has another on him for Pickpocketing. There is also a third potion in the drawer, but the guards are summoned no matter what (it usually works to Hide in Shadows and go to the door; even though you do not reach the "spot" because of the guard your PC still gets out).

10 - Gatewarden

Offers you the chance to train with a party of six created inside the storage cellars (just to the south) by Obe the Illusionist. Obe then summons illusionary monsters (who do you no damage) and lets you fight them. Each monster is worth 1 xp. However, one thing you may wish to try if you want to start the game with some good equipment is to go inside the storehouse and to put into your inventory all the good stuff the party has: Plate Mail, a Small Shield +1, a Potion of Healing, Oil of Speed, a Wand of the Heavens, and a Wand of Magic Missiles. Then export your character and start a new game. These items will still be there. Do not try to leave the storehouse because the items will then disappear.

11 - Bunkhouse

Carbos: Yet another assassin who tries to whack you. He is no harder than the first (#3) however, so you shouldn't have any trouble dispatching him. 20 xp for doing so.

12 - Barracks

Fuller: Quest to buy a set of 20 crossbow Bolts for him. He then gives you 50 xp and 10 gp for doing so. However, a charisma of 18 or more will earn you a Dagger +1. If you do not have a charisma of 18 but that you are a bard or a thief, try Pickpocketing Fuller for the dagger.

Hull's bed: On the right side of the room. You'll find Hull's Long Sword and Dreppin's Antidote. Do not try to open the other chests however, as the guards will be summoned.

13 - Chanter and the Voices of the North, South, East and West

Not much of a show, but you can hear Alaundo's prophecy concerning the Lord of Murder, Bhaal.

14 - Tethtoril

You'll meet Tethtoril wandering around the courtyard to the keep. He'll have the Identify scroll Firebead needs, and he is also the most powerful character around. Do not try to attack him as he takes no damage and will finish you off with the good old Call Lightning spell.

15 - Imoen

NPC (NG, Human Female, Thief). The chat with Imoen reveals that you are good friends and that you see each other from time to time. She also lets you know that she knows that you are leaving on a trip with Gorion but refuses to tell you anything else. Imoen joins you a bit later in the game once you leave Candlekeep. She is a very good thief and can also be dual-classed into a mage.

16 - Gorien

Urges you to leave the keep as quickly as possible with him. Before doing so he heals you and also tells you that should something happen to him, you should not hesitate and seek the help and counsel of Khalid and Jaheira, both present at the Friendly Arm Inn (how clairvoyant of him). Before agreeing to leave, be sure to complete all of the quests in the keep, and also go shopping so you have some basic supplies for your character. You might also want to buy Arrows and Leather Armor since Imoen will be joining you shortly.

Note: You won't be allowed to enter the keep behind Gorion until Chapter 6.

17 - The Keeper of the Portal

Asks you for a book of great value (10,000 gp) before he'll let you enter, despite knowing you! You won't have the book before Chapter 6, so don't bother returning to Candlekeep before then.