Baldur's Gate Northeast (AR0300) [TOSC]

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Note: This page only contains content added to Baldur's Gate Northeast in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack.

1 - Merchants' League Counting House

When you enter the Counting House, you'll be stopped by Ulf, who will demand to know what you're doing there. If you tell him to mind his own business, or if you claim to owe money on tea and spices, then he'll leave you be. Otherwise, he and the guards with him will attack you. You'll only earn 880 xp for fighting them.

Note: In one of the containers on the ground floor, you'll find a Potion of Healing. Ulf and the guards won't care if you take it.

When you climb to the upper floor, you'll get stopped by Captain Tollar Kieres. If you ask him if he heeds anything, then he'll request "a jug o' this town's hardest liquor," and he'll direct you to get it from De'Tranion at the Blushing Mermaid (#2). If you say anything else, then Kieres and his men will attack you. You'll only earn 120 xp for fighting them.

When you talk to De'Tranion at the Blushing Mermaid, he'll tell you that Kieres has built up quite a tab, and he'll refuse to sell you anything unless you pay it. So you'll either have to give De'Tranion 900 gp for his Baalor Ale, or you'll have to pickpocket the ale from him.

When you return to Kieres and give him the ale, he'll start drinking it right away, and he'll give you his Sea Charts for safekeeping. You can also pickpocket the charts from him, or kill him and loot the charts from his body. You'll need the Sea Charts for Mendas' quest in Ulgoth's Beard.

Note: If you search the containers on the upper floor, then you'll find a Potion of Fire Resistance, two cursed Potions of Healing, and scrolls of Chaos and Protection from Lightning.

2 - Blushing Mermaid

Inside the Blushing Mermaid you'll meet De'Tranion on the eastern side of the ground floor. If you try to purchase liquor from him for Captain Kieres (#1), then he'll insist that you settle Kieres' tab first -- 900 gp. If you pay that amount, then De'Tranion will give you some Baalor Ale. You can also steal the ale from him. You might need the ale to bribe Captain Kieres.