Werewolf Island South (AR2000)

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Werewolf Island is where Balduran ended up on his final voyage. This part of the island is the safe part, as you'll find a surprisingly crowded village here, complete with several villagers who will offer you quests. The dangerous part of the island is to the north.

Most of the people in the village won't talk to you until you've met with Kaishas in the chieftain's house, so you might want to visit her first. Kaishas will trigger the main questline for the island. See her entry for details about what you should be doing.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll wash up on the island. You'll also meet Solianna here. If you're polite to her, then she'll say some cryptic things -- including that you don't "belong" and that there are "beasties" on the island -- and she'll recommend that you talk to Kaishas (#13) to learn more.

2 - Hut

Inside this hut you'll find a Potion of Exposions and a cursed Potion of Healing.

3 - Hut

Inside this hut you'll find an Oil of Fiery Burning.

4 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, three Potions of Healing, a Potion of Regeneration, and two Pearls.

5 - Taloun's House

Taloun will tell you how he came to be on the island, but then he'll warn you that "nothing on this island be as it seems."

6 - Hut

Inside this hut you'll find a Potion of Agility.

7 - Evalt

Around here you'll meet the fisherman Evalt. He'll tell you that his brother Evan went missing two days ago, and that he might be under the thrall of a sirine called the Blue Lady, who can be found somewhere along the island's western coast.

You'll meet the Blue Lady -- aka the Sirine Queen -- in Werewolf Island North. If you're nice to her then she'll give you Evan's Body; otherwise you'll have to kill her to get it. When you deliver the body to Evalt, you'll earn 900 xp.

8 - Farthing

Farthing will complain that she's only five, and so she's not allowed to go out and hunt yet. If you reveal that you're only three, then she'll tell you that she lost her dolly in the woods, and she'll ask you to look for it.

You'll find Farthing's Dolly on Palin's corpse in Werewolf Island North. When you give it back to her, you'll earn 1400 xp.

9 - Jorin

Jorin will tell you about the "man-wolves" to the north, including that their leader is named Karoug. He'll also mention that you'll need magical weapons to defeat them.

10 - House

You won't find anything interesting inside this house when you first arrive on the island, but after completing Kaishas' quest (#13), you'll discover a staircase leading down to the Werewolf Warrens.

11 - Delainy or Durlyle

At this spot you'll meet a woman named Delainy (if your character is male) or a man named Durlyle (otherwise). The NPC will tell you that a special cloak -- a symbol of the village -- blew over the wall during a recent storm, and s/he'll ask you to bring it back.

You'll find the Holy Cloak in a locked chest in Dradeel's Cabin in Werewolf Island North. When you give it to the NPC, you won't receive a reward, but you'll get a chance to do some flirting and you can also learn some of the history of the island. If you navigate the conversation correctly (by selecting dialogue options 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-3-1-1) then the NPC will ask you to fetch some Belladonna Flowers.

You'll find Belladonna Flowers in two places: at a spot north of the village (#16) or in the chest in Dradeel's Cabin where you picked up the Holy Cloak. If you say the right things again when you return with the flowers (1-1-1), then the NPC will go away liking you, but you still won't receive a reward.

12 - Lahl

Somewhere in the garden here you'll meet Lahl. If you mention to him that you're heading north, then he'll tell you that the beasts there killed his wife, and he'll ask you to avenge her. However, this isn't a quest. If you return to Lahl after defeating Karoug in Werewolf Island North, then he'll simply thank you, and you won't receive a reward.

13 - Chieftain's House

Inside this house you'll meet Tailas and Kaishas Gan. Tailas won't say anything to you, but Kaishas, who has been acting as the village's chieftain since her husband Selaad sailed off and disappeared, will repeat some of the things you might have heard from Solianna (#1) -- most notably that you don't belong, and that there are beasts to the north. However, Kaishas will also mention that her people once built a ship, and that if you were to defeat the beasts, then you'd be able to use it to escape the island.

To defeat the beasts, you'll need to travel to their lair, which is located inside Balduran's wrecked ship in Werewolf Island North. There you'll meet Karoug, the wolfwere leader. No matter what you say to him, he'll attack you. The battle against Karoug might be very difficult for you. See the Werewolf Island North page for some tips about how to defeat him.

When you return to Kaishas, she'll thank you for your help, and she'll inform you that her people are lycanthropes like Karoug; it's just that they prefer to stay human as much as possible. She'll also tell you that during your fights with the wolfweres, you were given the "gift" of lycanthropy ourself, but before she can welcome you to the pack, Talias will interrupt her. He'll reveal that while you were off exploring the island, he was rallying the southern werewolves against you, and then he'll attack. This will upset Kaishas, but she won't help you in the fight. She'll just absolve you of what you'll have to do, and then she'll take the Sea Charts from you and leave.

Talias should not be a tough battle. He'll turn into a werewolf, but werewolves are less powerful than wolfweres, and he'll be all alone. You'll earn 420 xp when he dies. Then when you leave the chieftain's house, you'll encounter more angry werewolves, but they should be similarly easy to defeat.

While you're exploring the now-hostile village, some people you helped -- like Delainy / Durlyle (#11), Dradeel (in Werewolf Island North), and Maralee (#14) -- will tell you that there are Werewolf Warrens beneath the island and that you can access them from inside the house on the western side of the village (#10). Everybody else will turn into a werewolf and attack you.

Inside the house, you'll discover a staircase leading down into the Werewolf Warrens. Inside the warrens, you'll get attacked by pairs of werewolves, but eventually you'll reach the exit, which will take you to a secluded cove in Werewolf Island North. You'll find Kaishas' ship in that cove.

When you reach the ship, you'll encounter Kaishas. She'll decide that you'll never belong now, and that because you know too much, you must die. Kaishas will then transform into a loup garou, which is a more powerful version of a werewolf -- but not nearly as powerful as Karoug's greater wolfwere, and so the fight should not be too bad. Just be sure that you rush Kaishas with your melee fighters since the walkway to the ship is narrow and can cause traffic jams.

You'll earn 1800 xp for defeating Kaishas, and you'll find the Sea Charts on her corpse. With the Sea Charts in hand, you'll be able to click on the main mast of the ship, which will take you back to Ulgoth's Beard.

14 - Maralee

Maralee will tell you that the "wolf-creatures" to the north killed her husband and kidnapped her son Peladan, and she'll ask you to rescue him. You'll find Peladan with Karoug on board Balduran's ship in Werewolf Island North. When you deliver the baby back to Maralee, you'll receive 4000 xp.

15 - House

Inside this house you'll find two Potions of Healing on a table.

16 - Belladonna Flowers

You'll find two sets of Belladonna Flowers here. You might need them for one of Delainy's / Durlyle's quests (#11).