Durlag's Tower Lower Level 4 (AR0514)

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This level contains the final resting place of Durlag's youngest son (Fuernebol), Durlag's wife (Islanne) and Durlag's father, as well as the very spot where Durlag finally died of old age -- or was slain by intruders into his tower. The level is dominated by a large natural cavern which contains lots of acidic slime, oozing from the rocks themselves, as well as Durlag's forge, throne room, and treasure chamber.

1 - Durlag's Spirit

At this spot you'll meet an entity that is "more or less" Durlag's spirit. It won't do a lot when you first meet it, but after answering three riddles (#5, #7, #11), it will warn you that a creature "powerful beyond all" has taken over the tower, and then it will lead you to the throne room (#2) so you can defeat it.

2 - Throne Room

This room will start out blocked by a secret door. To open the door, you'll have to complete three riddles (#5, #7, #11) and speak to Durlag's spirit (#1). Durlag's spirit will then open the way for you.

Inside the room you'll meet Clair De'Lain. She'll tell you that her party made it this far into the tower, but then rushed off to the final fight without her -- and died horribly, at least from what she heard. She'll also warn you that you'll be facing a Demon Knight, and that it has a Mirror of Opposition in its possession, which it can use to duplicate its enemies and force them to fight themselves.

Also in the room you'll find a locked and trapped chest containing a Cloak of the Shield.

3 - Islanne's Spirit

You'll meet Islanne's spirit here. She'll offer to teleport you to the surface. This will give you a quick exit out of the tower, but you'll have to climb down normally if you want to return.

4 - Forge Room

Inside this room you'll find a trapped forge plus two other containers. If you loot them all then you'll end up with 20 Arrows +2, 9 Bolts of Biting, 10 Bullets +2, 14 Darts +1, an Oil of Speed, 3 Potions of Healing, and a War Hammer +1. You'll also find a Bone Wardstone, which will come in handy elsewhere in the level (#6).

5 - Stone Golem

The stone golem here will ask you three questions about Durlag. The first question is random, but the other two are fixed:
  1. Who is the mother of the clan? Islanne.
    Who is the eldest son of Durlag? Kiel.
    Who is the youngest son of Durlag? Fuernebol.

  2. What is the second name of Durlag? Trollkiller.

  3. What is the second name of Durlag's father Bolhur? Thunderaxe.
You can find the answers to the first two questions in Lower Level 3. The golem will tell you the third answer when it first talks to you.

If you get an answer wrong, then you'll just need to talk to the golem again to get another chance. But after several mistakes, the golem will start hitting you with fireballs when you get an answer wrong, and eventually it'll stop talking to you at all.

When you get the answers right, the golem will send you to a circular riddle room with four more golems inside. One of the golems will ask you a question, and the other three will give you clues for the anser. This sequence is fixed, and the answer is west, south, east, and then north. (The "west" golem will tell you that it was first, which should make it easy to figure out the rest.) If you get the answer wrong, then you'll get hit by a fireball again. If you get the answer right, then you'll be sent back to Durlag's spirit (#1).

6 - Trap Generator

The generator here is powering the rune traps in the tomb (#7). To turn off the generator, you'll need to interact with it while carrying the Bone Wardstone (#4).

7 - Tomb

In the front part of the tomb, you should notice a narrow rune carpet. The runes are trapped, and the traps can't be detected or disarmed. To turn them off, you'll need to insert the Bone Wardstone (#4) into the trap generator (#6).

In the back part of the tomb, you'll discover three biers. Next to two of them, you'll find locked and trapped chests containing Arla's Dragonbane +3 (aka a Sling +3), Karajah's Life and Death +3 (aka Leather Armor +3), Krotan's Skullcrusher +2 (aka a Mace +2), Pellan's Shield +2 (aka a Large Shield +2), and 5748 gp.

If you click on the third bier, then you'll be teleported to a circular riddle room with four stone golems inside. One of the golems will ask you a question, and the other three will give you clues for it. The correct answer is the one that starts with "It began with you and your need for a home." If you get the answer wrong, then the golem will shoot you with a lightning bolt. If you get the answer right, then the golem will teleport you back to Durlag's spirit (#1).

8 - Slime Caverns

You'll find over a dozen small containers in the slime caverns. If you loot them all then you'll end up with 4 Antidotes, 40 Arrows +1, 20 Arrows of Fire, 30 Bolts of Biting, Bracers of Defense AC 8, 20 Bullets +1, 20 Bullets +2, 30 Darts of Wounding, a Necklace of Missiles, 4 Oils of Speed, 2 Potions of Fire Giant Strength, 2 Potions of Freedom, 3 Potions of Frost Giant Strength, 10 Potions of Healing, 2 Potions of Master Thievery, a Wand of Fire, a Wand of Lightning, a Wand of Monster summoning, and 3812 gp.

9 - Grael

In this chamber you'll run into Grael plus two crypt crawlers and two greater ghouls. No matter what you say to Grael, he and his entourage will attack you. However, before doing so, he'll warn you about a tanar'ri, one of "the beasts of hell." You'll encounter a tanar'ri when you return to Ulgoth's Beard.

You'll earn 7840 for defeating the enemies here, and you'll find a Compass Wardstone on Grael's corpse. You'll need the wardstone for a locked door to the east (#11).

10 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Flame Tongue +1 and a Staff of Striking +3.

11 - Treasure Chamber

The door to this chamber will start out locked. To open it, you'll need to pick up the Compass Wardstone (#9). Inside the chamber, you'll find some treasures to loot, including a Short Sword +1, a mess of gems, and over 14,000 gp.

You'll also find a throne in the chamber. When you click on it, you'll be taken to a circular riddle room containing four golems. One of the golems will ask you a question; the others will give you clues. The answer is "you are the one to blame." If you get the answer wrong, then the golem will cast Cloudkill in the room. If you get the answer right, then the golem will teleport you to Durlag's spirit (#1).

12 - Demon Knight

When you approach the Demon Knight here, he'll thank you for cleaning out all of the traps and monsters from the tower, making it much easier for him to use it for himself. Then regardless of what you say to him, he'll attack you. Right next to the Demon Knight, you should notice the Mirror of Opposition. For some reason, the Demon Knight won't use it against you.

The Demon Knight is a powerful mage. You'll have two basic ways to attack him:
  • You can just attack him like any other mage, and if you party is buffed up (with haste, bless, defensive harmony, strength potions, and whatever else you have available), then you'll probably be able to kill him before he can cast much of anything.

  • Failing that, you can immediately break the Mirror of Opposition. This will release several mirror fiends who will attack you and the Demon Knight both. The mirror fiends aren't wildly powerful creatures -- they include ettercaps, greater doppelgangers, and an ogrillon -- but they'll distract and damage the Demon Knight, and with their help you should be able to kill him first and then mop them up afterwards.
You'll earn 15,000 xp for defeating the Demon Knight, and you'll find a Helmet of Opposite Alignment, a Large Shied +1, and the Soultaker Dagger on his corpse. Defeating the Demon Knight will end your adventure in Durlag's Tower -- but it will cause some changes in Ulgoth's Beard, so you'll still have more to do.

13 - Dalton

At this spot you'll meet Dalton, the only member of Clair's party to confront the Demon Knight and survive. He's involved in a quest from his mother Therella in Ulgoth's Beard.

  1. Stairs back up to the chessboard.
  2. Stairs between Lower Level 4 and the Demon Knight's Chamber.