Durlag's Tower Outside (AR0500)

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Your quest for fortune and glory has ultimately led you to Durlag's Tower, an ancient dwarven stronghold built by Durlag "Trollkiller" and his family. Durlag was a mighty and courageous hero who lived long before your time and was rumored to have slain more monsters than most see in their entire life.

Over the years, Durlag amassed a wealth of gold and treasure and decided that it was time to settle down. However, his greed was soon his undoing. Durlag dug too deep into the ground and disturbed a colony of doppelgangers and mind flayers. Attracted by his wealth, they killed all of the members of his family and took their faces.

Durlag found himself alone, slaying those who he cared for the most, which ultimately drove him insane. After finally cleaning his tower, he hired the best and most skilled craftsmen in the region to build numerous traps, tests, killing devices, and magic wards to keep him safe. In his madness, he locked himself up in the lower levels of the tower, and there it is rumored that he ultimately died. Nowadays, whoever ventures into his tower is warned that he will much sooner find his own death before touching any of Durlag's gold or magical items.

1 - Erdane

Erdane is a merchant who will happily relieve you of some of your gold before you head into Durlag's Tower. He'll sell you some basic potions and ammunition, and also a Wand of Fire.

2 - Battle Horrors

You'll encounter a pair of battle horrors here. They're tough melee fighters, and they're immune to regular missiles, but you can lure them to you one at a time, making the fight manageable. You'll earn 4000 xp for each horror that you kill.

The horrors are basically an entrance test. If you have trouble killing them, then you might want to save Durlag's Tower for later.

3 - Ike

If you hired Ike as a tour guide in Ulgoth's Beard, then you'll find him here waiting impatiently for you. When you talk to him, he'll begin his tour, and he'll lead you inside the tower (via Exit A). Each time Ike stops moving, you'll need to talk to him to get him going again. See the Durlag's Tower Upper Levels page for more information about Ike and his tour.

4 - Stairs to the Ramparts

If you climb up onto the ramparts, then you'll encounter several skeletons plus a battle horror and a doom guard.

5 - Lesser Basilisk

6 - Greater Basilisks

7 - Trapped Obelisk

Inside this obelisk you'll find 20 Acid Arrows and Rashad's Talon +2.

  1. Main entrance to Durlag's Tower. This entrance will give you access to the Upper Levels as well as the Basement and eventually the Lower Levels.
  2. Exit to Durlag's Tower Upper Level 2.
  3. Staircase between roof levels.