Durlag's Tower Basement (AR0501)

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1 - Bayard

At this spot you'll meet Bayard. He'll warn you that Durlag was "a sick, sick man," and that his tower is extremely dangerous, containing as it does traps, tests and diabolical creatures. He'll also mention that the rest of his party (including Dalton, whose name might sound familiar if you accepted Therella's quest in Ulgoth's Beard) decided to continue their explorations even after he warned them not to, and that you might meet them down below.

2 - Barrel

Inside the barrel here, you'll find Leather Armor +1.

3 - Trapped Floor Compartment

Inside the floor compartment here, you'll find a Ring of Protection +1, a Star Sapphire, and 560 gp.

  1. Stairs leading to the Upper Levels and the tower exit.
  2. Secret door leading to Lower Level 1.