Durlag's Tower Lower Level 1 (AR0511)

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The lower levels of Durlag's Tower are full of treasures, gold and magical weapons, but are also full of tests, dangerous monsters, murderous traps, puzzles and many other challenges. While the top of the tower is fairly easy to loot, the lower levels are a real challenge, even for seasoned adventurers. Be on your guard, because evil is around every corner. Also, be wary of traps, and let your thief lead the way.

Note: Red circles indicate floor traps. Pink circles indicate secret doors.

1 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find two chests (both trapped) and a sack containing 16 Acid Arrows, 4 Antidotes, 10 Arrows +2, 15 Arrows of Ice, 10 Bolts +2, 20 Bolts of Lightning, 10 Bullets +2, 13 Darts of Wounding, a Potion of Absorption, 6 Potions of Healing, 3 Potions of Master Thievery, a Potion of Perception, and a scroll of Hold Monster.

2 - Forge

Inside this room you'll find two barrels (one trapped) containing 20 Acid Arrows, 20 Arrows +1, 40 Bolts +1, 20 Bullets +1, 20 Darts +1, and 20 Darts of Stunning. You'll also find a forge, which is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8).

3 - Bedroom

Inside this room you'll find a trapped nightstand containing 20 Arrows of Fire, 20 Bolts +1, 20 Bullets +2, 20 Darts +1, 15 Darts of Wounding, a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, and 12 Potions of Healing.

4 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find two crates (one trapped) containing 12 Acid Arrows and 4 Potions of Healing.

5 - Library

Inside this room you'll find two trapped shelves containing 10 Bolts of Biting, 10 Bullets +1, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and scrolls of Cloudkill, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, and Monster Summoning III.

6 - Meeting Room

Inside this room you'll encounter three greater doppelgangers -- which are much tougher than regular doppelgangers, and which can cast spells like Haste and Mirror Image -- but you'll also find two trapped shelves containing a Mallet Head and a scroll of Monster Summoning II. You'll need the Mallet Head for a warder riddle (#8).

7 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find 8 Arrows of Biting and a Potion of Heroism.

8 - Warders

You'll discover four warders surrounding the locked exit to Lower Level 2 (Exit B). Each warder will ask you a riddle. You'll need to answer all four riddles and then defeat the warders in order to open the exit. The answers are listed below:
  • Avarice: "I am the warrior's curse / I steal his future / I mar his past / The more he has, the less it seems / He becomes a slave / Of glittering things / Yet I hunger... Feed me that which glitters beyond all else."

    To satisfy this warder, you'll need to give it the Glittering Beljuril Gemstone (#14).

  • Fear: "I am the warrior's bane / I live in the darkness of his soul / I bring him to his knees, / Trembling and weeping / Unable to lift a hand in his own defense / Yet I sleep -- Awaken me."

    For this riddle, you'll need to collect the Mallet Head (#6) and the Mallet Handle (#10), and operate the forge (#2) to combine them together. When you use the resulting Gong Mallet on the gong (#20), you'll awaken the warder, which will satisfy it when you return to it.

  • Love: "I am the warrior's madness / I curse him with trust and respect / I slow the blade in its course / By stealing his passion for blood / And offering a softer emotion in return / Yet I thirst for more -- Give me the sweet crimson drink of laughter and passion."

    For this riddle, you'll need to make a Bottle of Wine. To do this, you'll first need to collect the Grapes and the Switch for an Engine from the bedroom (#15). Then you'll need to use the switch on the panel above and behind the engine (#12), which will turn it on and also power up the winepress (#11). Then when you operate the winepress, you'll create a Bottle of Wine. Giving the wine to the warder will satisfy it, with the caveat that you'll have to solve this riddle last.

  • Pride: "I am the warrior's fate / I raise him above his brethren / I amplify his deeds / He becomes scornful, where once he had respect / He becomes a giant, where once he was a man / Yet I lack the proper honor -- Raise me up in glory / Through the chronicles of my deeds, pride shall be honored / Through the passing of knowledge my sword shall display its glory / Then you shall know that I am well pleased."

    For this riddle, you'll need to read the four books in the history room (#19). This will light up the sword at Durgan's Pride (#17). Then to satisfy the warder, you'll just need to return to it.
You'll earn 10,000 xp for solving the riddles, but upon completing the last one, the four warders will turn hostile and attack you. Avarice is a thief who will backstab you. Love is a mage who will cast Cloudkill and other annoying spells. Fear and Pride are tough melee fighters.

This will be a difficult battle for you regardless of where you are in the game -- well, at least if you try to fight all four warders at once. For an easier time, park most of your party by the entrance (Exit A), and send your tank to talk to Love for the final riddle. Then when the warders turn hostile, have your tank quaff a Potion of Invisibility and run back to the rest of your party. You should now be able to draw the warders to you one or two at a time.

If you'd rather fight "fair" and face all four warders at once, then before turning in the final riddle, you should buff up your party -- with Bless, Haste, potions of giant strength, the regular deal. Then focus on Love first, then Avarice, and finally the two fighters.

You'll earn 10,200 xp total for the battle, and you'll find a Level 1 Exit Wardstone and a Short Sword +1 on the corpses. The wardstone will allow you to open the way to Lower Level 2 (Exit B).

9 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find a Potion of Master Thievery and scrolls of Protection from Acid and Protection from Electricity.

The hidden compartment next to the barrel.
10 - Barrel and Hidden Compartment (X 1482, Y 1223)

Inside the barrel here you'll find a Mallet Handle, 3 Potions of Healing and 110 gp. You'll need the Mallet Handle for a warder riddle (#8). Right next to the barrel you can detect a small compartment in a pipe. Inside it you'll find 6 Antidotes, a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Insulation, 4 Potions of Perception, and a Wand of Monster Summoning.

11 - Winepress

This winepress is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8).

12 - Engine

This engine is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8).

13 - Training Room

You'll encounter a skeleton warrior and two flesh golems in this room. You'll earn 8000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find a Two-Handed Sword +1 on the skeleton's corpse.

14 - Junk Room

In this room you'll encounter a skeleton warrior plus two regular skeletons. You'll earn 4130 xp for defeating the trio, and you'll find a Two-Handed Sword +1 on the skeleton warrior's corpse. You'll also find two big junk piles containing 10 Acid Arrows, 20 Arrows +2, 2 Arrows of Dispelling, 20 Arrows of Fire, 18 Arrows of Ice, 20 Bolts +2, 30 Bullets +1, 11 Bullets +2, 20 Darts +1, a Potion of Frost Giant Strength, a Small Shield +1, and 2137 gp.

Inside the junk piles you'll also find a Glittering Beljuril Gemstone and an Odd-Looking Key. The gemstone is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8). You'll need the key for a locked container in a nearby bedroom (#15).

15 - Bedroom

You'll discover three containers (two trapped) in this bedroom plus its closet. You'll need a special key (from #14) to unlock the container by the bed. When you open all of the containers, you'll find 2 Arrows of Detonation, 14 Bolts +1, 23 Bullets +2, an Elixir of Health, Plate Mail +3, a Potion of Fire Breath, a Potion of Heroism, a Potion of Master Thievery, a Sling +1, scrolls of Chaos, Confusion, Feeblemind and Mental Domination, and 582 gp.

Inside the containers, you'll also find Grapes and a Switch for an Engine. Both of these items are required for warder riddles (#8).

16 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find 10 Darts of Stunning and a scroll of Identify.

17 - Durgan's Pride

This momument to Durgan is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8).

18 - Parlor

Inside this room you'll encounter a skeleton warrior. You'll earn 4000 xp when it dies, and you'll find a Two-Handed Sword +1 on its corpses. Also in the room you'll find two cabinets (one trapped) containing 7 Arrows +2, 2 Oils of Speed, and a Potion of Freedom.

19 - History Room

You'll find four books set out in this room. You'll need to read them for one of the warder riddles (#8).

20 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find a barrel containing 10 Potions of Healing. You'll also find a gong that is involved in one of the warder riddles (#8).

  1. Stairs up to the Basement.
  2. Stairs down to Lower Level 2. You'll need to solve the warder riddles and then kill the warders (#8) to pick up the wardstone that will allow you to use this exit.