Ice Island

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The mage known as Shandalar, who lives in the peaceful berg of Ulgoth's Beard, has sent you to this island to retrieve a cloak of great value. The island is located well to the north of Baldur's Gate, in a region where ice prevails during the entire year. It is not a normal island, however, as it is able to hold captive even the most powerful of mages. The only way to get out is by using the wardstone Shandalar gave you, but he will only activate it once you have acquired his cloak.

1 - Polar Bear

The only thing you'll encounter on the surface of Ice Island is this solitary polar bear. If you kill it, then you'll earn 900 xp.

2 - Andris, Beyn and Marcellus

At this spot you'll meet the mages Andris, Beyn and Marcellus. They'll talk to you for a bit when you arrive, but no matter what you say to them, they'll attack you at the end of the conversation.

The battle against the three mages is the most difficult part of Ice Island. We'd recommend that you don't rush into their room. Instead, creep into the corroidor leading to their room and cast some area-effect spells at them before they spot you. Dispel Magic (to remove some of their buffs), Fireball (to remove some of their health), and Silence 15' (to remove their casting ability) are all useful here. Then retreat back the way you came and wait for them to show up (which they'll probably do one at a time).

The mages will cast some annoying spells like Confusion, Dimension Door, Fireball and Lightning Bolt. So keep your characters separated and when one of the mages shows up, hit him with everything you have so you can down him as quickly as possible. Depending on how the Random Number Gods are feeling, you might have to try the battle a few times before it works out in your favor.

The three mages are worth 9800 xp total, and when you loot their corpses you'll find a Knave's Robe, a Traveler's Robe, a Wand of Fear, and scrolls of Grease, Protection from Evil, Remove Magic, and Vampiric Touch. You'll also find Andris's Journal, which will give you a glimpse of his personality.

3 - Traps

4 - Garan

At this spot you'll encounter the mage Garan. No matter what you say to him, he and his four ankheg pets will attack you. Two of the ankhegs will pop up between you and Garan, but you should still try to kill Garan first -- or at least disrupt him -- and then mop up the ankhegs afterwards.

You'll earn 5900 xp for the battle, and you'll find scrolls of Fireball, Know Alignment, and Protection from Normal Missiles on Garan's corpse.

5 - Cuchol

You'll encounter the mage Cuchol here. Like all of the other mages in the dungeon, he'll talk to you when he spots you, but then he'll attack. Cuchol won't have any allies with him, so you can just rush him. You'll earn 1800 xp when he dies, and you'll find a Wand of Paralyzation on his corpse.

6 - Tellan

You'll meet the insane mage Tellan here. If you offer to take him with you when you leave, then he'll follow you around and throw Darts +1 at your enemies -- until you pick up Shandalar's Cloak, and then he'll attack you. So you might as well fight him right away. Tellan is worth 3000 xp, and he starts out with 40 Darts +1.

Note: If you're playing the original game, then Tellan will attack you no matter what you say.

7 - Dezkiel

Dezkiel is the current possessor of Shandalar's Cloak, and since he won't want to give it up, he'll attack you. Dezkiel will cast spells like Confusion and Dimension Door, but he'll be all alone, so you should be able to gang up on him and kill him pretty easily. Dezkiel is worth 1800 xp, and when you loot his corpse you'll find Dezkiel's Scroll (which will show his deteriorating mental state), Shandalar's Cloak, and a scroll of Stoneskin.

After claiming Shandalar's Cloak, when you return to the surface (most easily by taking Exit B), you'll automatically be teleported back to Ulgoth's Beard.

  1. Entrance to the dungeon.
  2. One-way exit to the surface of the island.