Durlag's Tower Upper Levels (AR0502, AR0503, AR0504, AR0505)

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1 - Ike

You'll meet Ike again here. You'll need to talk to him each time he stops to get him to continue on with his tour. Eventually he'll take a break, and one of the tourists will die from a trap.

When you talk to Ike after that, he'll try to sell you "one of the true tokens to the dungeons below." His token is yet another Dwarven Rune Wardstone, just like the two you might have purchased in Ulgoth's Beard.

Regardless of how you respond to Ike, a Demon Knight will suddenly appear in the room, cast two Fireballs killing Ike and the other tourists, and then teleport away. You'll then be able to loot Ike's body, and either pick up his wardstone or get your money back.

Note: Obviously, when you send a character to talk to Ike after the break, it's a good idea to move the rest of your party to one of the side rooms where they won't get hit with Fireballs.

Another Note: If you didn't hire Ike in Ulgoth's Beard, then the Demom Knight won't appear, and the tourist-killing trap won't be there.

2 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find 20 Arrows of Fire.

3 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Invisibility, and a Potion of Strength.

4 - Daital

In this room you'll meet a ghost named Daital. He'll mistake you for Durlag and talk about repaying a debt, but no matter what you say to him, he'll end up attacking you. Daital is a mage, so he's not a total pushover, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with him, either. You'll earn 3750 xp when Daital goes down.

5 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Potion of Genius, a Potion of Invulnerability, and a Potion of Stone Form.

6 - Riggilo

You'll meet the thief Riggilo here. If you make him mad (by saying, "I go where I like") then he'll attack you. Riggilo is worth 1400 xp, and he'll drop Leather Armor +1, a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, a Short Sword +1, and 170 gp when he dies. If you say anything else to Riggilo, then he'll leave you be. Riggilo can play a role in Kirinhale's quest (#12), so you might want to keep him alive.

Right next to Riggilo you'll find a locked and trapped chest containing Chain Mail +1, an Oil of Speed, and a Wand of Lightning.

7 - Trapped Altar

On this altar you'll find a Tome of Understanding. Just be aware that while the trap guarding it is tough to detect, it will only cast dire charm, so if you send a character to the altar alone, then at worst you'll just have to wait for a while for the spell to wear off.

8 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find a Potion of Healing.

9 - Locked Cabinet

Inside this cabinet you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1 and a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance.

10 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find ten Darts of Stunning and ten Darts of Wounding.

11 - Shelf

Inside this shelf you'll find a Halberd +1.

12 - Kirinhale

At this spot you'll meet Kirinhale, a succubus who was cursed by Durlag to remain in his tower forever. She'll ask you to keep her company for a while -- by which she means take her place and eventually die of starvation. You'll have two ways to respond to her:
  • If you reject her out of hand, then she'll attack you. Kirinhale is worth 3000 xp, and she'll drop a Staff Spear +2 when she dies. She'll also drop a lock of her hair, which you can trade to Riggilo for a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength. With Kirinhale dead, making this trade won't trap Riggilo in the tower.

  • You can play along with Kirinhale's request until she reveals just what you'd have to do, and then offer to find her someone else to take her place. She'll love this idea, and she'll give you a lock of her hair as a means to trap the intended victim.

    The only person you can use for Kirinhale's quest is Riggilo on Level 3 (#6). He'll hapilly accept Kirinhale's hair and give you a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength in exchange. Then when you return to Kirinhale, you'll earn 4000 xp for completing the quest. If you subsequently return to Riggilo, then he'll realize what you did to him, and he'll attack you. Killing Riggilo will earn you an additional 1400 xp, plus some minor loot.

  1. Exit to Durlag's Tower Outside.
  2. Central staircase. This staircase will let you travel between Levels 1-4 of the tower, plus reach the Basement.
  3. Staircase between Levels 1 and 2.
  4. Exit to the tower roof. On the roof you'll encounter a lesser basilisk and three greater basilisks -- so have Potions of Mirrored Eyes or scrolls of Protection from Petrification handy -- but you'll find Rashad's Talon +2.
  5. Staircase. This staircase will let you travel between Levels 2-4 of the tower.