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Location: The Wounded Coast (Act I)

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1 - Spindleweed

You'll need spindleweed for crafting potions. You'll earn 200 xp for discovering this source of it.

2 - Elfroot

You'll need elfroot for crafting potions. You'll earn 200 xp for each source of it.

3 - Dead Messenger

If you allowed Avernus to continue his research in the Warden's Keep DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, then at this spot you'll discover a dead messenger, and on his body you'll find Grey Warden Documents, Silverite-Threaded Gloves, and Avernus's Experimental Draught. When you loot the body, you'll trigger the quest "Dark Epiphany," which will require you to deliver the documents to a dead drop in Lowtown. Along the way, you'll have to defeat a few bands of bandits and mercenaries, but when you reach the dead drop, you'll earn 2 sovereigns and 400 xp.

4 - Glitterdust

You'll need glitterdust for crafting poisons and bombs. You'll earn 200 xp for discovering this source of it.

5 - Dalish Assassin

At this spot you'll witness a Dalish assassin accusing a human of being a werewolf. Depending on what you did in Dragon Age: Origins, the human might admit to the accusation and beg forgiveness, or he might deny it completely. You'll then get two or three ways to respond. You can allow the elves to kill the human, you can defend the human (which will require you to kill the elves), or you might be able to diffuse the situation (but only if you've been selecting "good" responses in dialogue). Regardless, you'll end up receiving 50 silvers and 500 xp at the end of the encounter.

Note: If you have Isabela with you, then you'll gain friendship with her if you let the elves have the human, and you'll gain rivalry with her if you defend the human.

6 - Camp

You'll discover three things of interest inside the camp:
  • A crate. Inside, you'll find Redblossom Salve, which will give you the quest "Redblossom Special" when you pick it up. To complete the quest, you'll need to deliver the salve to Dalian Shaw in Darktown. When you do, you'll receive 50 silvers and 250 xp.

  • A pile of bones. Inside, you'll find the recipe for Runes of Fire Warding.

  • A pillar. When you examine the pillar, you'll receive the "places" codex entry for The Wounded Coast.

7 - Book

On the ground here you'll discover a book that will give you the "places" codex entry for The Orlesian Empire.

8 - Raw Lyrium

You'll need lyrium to craft runes. You'll receive 200 xp for discovering this source of it.

9 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the amulet Meraas.

10 - Silverite

You'll need silverite to craft runes. You'll receive 200 xp for discovering this source of it.

11 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the greatsword Red Grace.

$ - Locked Treasure Chest

T - Trap

  1. Entrance to the Tal-Vashoth Cavern. This cavern is involved in the quest Blackpowder Promise.
  2. World exit.






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