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Main Quest: All That Remains

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You'll automatically receive this quest once you've completed the quests Prime Suspect and Offered and Lost.


When you enter your estate in Hightown, you'll find Gamlen there looking for your mother, Leandra. During the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that Leandra hasn't been seen all day, but that a suitor recently sent her white lilies (which you might remember as a calling card of the killer from Prime Suspect). Regardless of how you respond to Gamlen, Bodahn will end the conversation by suggesting that you look for Leandra "once night falls and the streets empty out."

You'll have up to two options for figuring out where Leandra is:
  • If you visit Lowtown at night, then you'll find Gamlen in conversation with a street urchin. The urchin will claim to have seen Leandra, but he'll demand compensation for his information. You'll have three ways to respond: you can pay the urchin 10 silvers, you can refuse to pay him (Gamlen will pay him instead), or you can intimidate him (if your character is aggressive). Regardless, the urchin will inform you that Leandra bumped into a man covered in blood, and walked away with him. You'll then be able to follow the blood trail to the Dark Foundry.

    Note: If you pay the urchin then you'll gain friendship points with Varric. Otherwise, you'll gain rivalry points.

  • If Gascard DuPuis survived his encounter with you during the quest Prime Suspect, then you'll find him in Darktown. When you talk to him there, he'll tell you that Alessa (the woman you "rescued" in Prime Suspect) has been abducted as well, but that he still has a sample of her blood, and so he could use blood magic to find her. If you agree to this, then Gascard will automatically lead you to the Dark Foundry. Otherwise, you'll have to visit Gamlen and the urchin in Lowtown to learn where Leandra is.

    Note: If you agree to let DuPuis use blood magic, then you'll gain rivalry points with Sebastian. If you refuse, then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian and rivalry points with Merrill.
Inside the Dark Foundry, you'll detect a trail of blood that will lead you to the Killer's Lair (via Exit B). Inside the lair, you'll have to battle some shades and demons, but shortly you'll come to Quentin (#7), and you'll discover that he's been putting his dead wife back together, piece by piece, culminating with Leandra's head. If you have DuPuis with you, then you'll also learn that DuPuis is Quentin's student, and that all he wants is to learn Quentin's secrets.

At this point, one of three things will happen:
  • If you have DuPuis with you, and if your character has primarily used the good or aggressive dialogue stance, then you'll be able to convince DuPuis to stay with you, and he'll assist you against Quentin. Otherwise, DuPuis will assist Quentin against you.

  • If you have DuPuis with you, but Varric is in your party, then Varric will kill DuPuis before he can choose one side or the other, and then Quentin will attack you.

  • Otherwise, Quentin will simply attack you.
The battle against Quentin should not be too difficult, even if he has DuPuis helping him (just order your party to kill DuPuis right away). Afterwards, Leandra will die no matter what, and you'll automatically travel back to your estate where you'll have a conversation with Gamlen and your romance option (or Aveline, if you don't have one). After these encounters, you'll receive 1 sovereign, the dagger Tine, and 1406 xp for completing the quest.

Note: If DuPuis accompanied you to the Dark Foundry and sided with you against Quentin, then after completing the quest you'll be able to talk to him in Darktown. If you end up killing him there, then you'll gain friendship points with Isabela. If you let him go, then you'll gain rivalry points with Isabela.

1 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Gaudy Amethyst Pendant.

2 - Scribbled Notes

Each of these notes will give you or update the "Letters and Notes" codex entry for A Scribbled Note.

3 - Orichalcum

4 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the Amell Family Shield.

5 - A Letter from the Circle

Reading this letter will give you the "Letters and Notes" codex entry for A Letter from the Circle. It's possible that the author "O" is really First Enchanter Orsino.

6 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Gloves of Enasalin (if your main character is a rogue), Gloves of the Overseer (if your main character is a mage), or Stonehammer Gauntlets (if your main character is a warrior).

  1. Exit to Lowtown.
  2. Hidden trapdoor.






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