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Most Recent Dragon Age II News

Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC Pricing Changed

Posted by ValH at 8:33 am on 07.14.2022 (2 years ago)

Those of you who still own some BioWare Points should know that this particular virtual currency will be going away on October 11,...

Dragon Age: Absolution Animated Series Announced

Posted by ValH at 8:33 am on 06.11.2022 (2 years ago)

With Dragon Age: Dreadwolf now in production, BioWare has apparently decided to go all in on their dark fantasy RPG series. And as...

Dragon Age Community Celebration

Posted by ValH at 10:45 am on 12.6.2021 (2 years ago)

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that every day is a something-day now. And while usually these faux-holidays...

BioWare - Gary McKay Confirmed as General Manager

Posted by ValH at 9:15 am on 06.17.2021 (3 years ago)

Following Casey Hudson's recent departure from BioWare, Gary McKay, an industry veteran of over 20 years, took over as the studio'...

Dragon Age II - David Gaider on Cut Content

Posted by ValH at 10:23 am on 04.15.2021 (3 years ago)

Some of the most memorable things about Dragon Age II are its paratrooping enemies and copy-pasted levels. But disappointing as it...

Dragon Age & Mass Effect - BioWare Teasers at The Game Awards

Posted by ValH at 10:44 am on 12.11.2020 (3 years ago)

During this year’s The Game Awards show, BioWare presented a double feature of cinematic trailers teasing new Dragon Age and Mas...

Dragon Age - Short Stories and Upcoming Reveals

Posted by ValH at 10:48 am on 12.5.2020 (3 years ago)

Following a significant shake-up over at BioWare, we’re invited to participate in the so-called Dragon Age Day - BioWare’s ann...

BioWare - Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah Leave the Studio

Posted by ValH at 11:27 am on 12.4.2020 (3 years ago)

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition and a new entry in the Dragon Age series in the works at BioWare, this message from EA’s chie...

Dragon Age 4 - Behind the Scenes at BioWare

Posted by ValH at 9:27 am on 08.28.2020 (3 years ago)

Even though the mystery-shrouded fourth installment in BioWare’s Dragon Age series doesn’t have an official title at this poin...

Dragon Age 4 - Short Stories Hint at Setting

Posted by ValH at 11:55 am on 07.26.2019 (4 years ago)

Last year, BioWare teased a new Dragon Age game, and while we currently know next to nothing about this project, the editors over ...

The Past and Present of Dragon Age 4

Posted by ValH at 10:06 am on 04.11.2019 (5 years ago)

Last we've heard about the next Dragon Age game, there was a short blog post and a teaser trailer hinting at something Dragon Age-...

Untitled Dragon Age Sequel Teaser Trailer

Posted by ValH at 1:38 pm on 12.7.2018 (5 years ago)

We've known for a while that a new Dragon Age game was in the works, but this post on BioWare's blog that features open letters fr...

Mike Laidlaw Interview

Posted by ValH at 9:31 am on 05.26.2018 (6 years ago)

Last year, Mike Laidlaw departed BioWare after spending 14 productive years with the studio, during which he worked on Jade Empire...

Dragon Age 4 Needs to Embrace Its Dark Origins

Posted by ValH at 12:12 pm on 01.31.2018 (6 years ago)

A new Dragon Age title was recently confirmed to be in development, prompting PCGamesN to put together an article where they argue...

BioWare is Actively Developing a New Dragon Age Title

Posted by BuckGB at 3:32 am on 01.26.2018 (6 years ago)

Although we'll have to wait until after their action-focused shooter/RPG Anthem ships and no official announcement has been made y...

Mike Laidlaw Exits BioWare

Posted by ValH at 10:00 am on 10.13.2017 (6 years ago)

Mike Laidlaw, a BioWare veteran of 14 years, has announced his departure from the company via Twitter. During his time at BioWare ...

BioWare Has Brainstormed Two More "Theoretical" Dragon Age Titles

Posted by BuckGB at 12:55 am on 08.12.2017 (6 years ago)

I loved Dragon Age: Origins, disliked Dragon Age II, never had a chance to finish Dragon Age: Inquisition, and mostly scratched my...

Alexis Kennedy on Adding Oddness to Dragon Age

Posted by ValH at 10:18 am on 08.6.2017 (6 years ago)

Alexis Kennedy, the founder of Failbetter Games and BioWare's guest writer, made it pretty clear he was working on the yet unannou...

What PC Gamer Wants From a New Dragon Age Game

Posted by ValH at 9:52 am on 07.27.2017 (6 years ago)

A couple of PC Gamer's editors have put together a list of features they'd like to see in a new Dragon Age game, when it eventuall...

Mike Laidlaw Podcast Interview

Posted by BuckGB at 2:00 am on 06.29.2017 (7 years ago)

The possibility of a Jade Empire sequel, his many contributions to the Dragon Age franchise, the approach he takes to design a tit...

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