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Dragon Age II Equipment Database - Advanced Search
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Category Type Material Rune Slots
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Increases All Attributes
Modifies Constitution
Modifies Cunning
Modifies Dexterity
Modifies Magic
Modifies Strength
Modifies Willpower
Increases Critical Chance
Increases Critical Damage
Increases Armor
Increases Attack
Increases Defense
Increases Fortitude
Increases Damage vs. Humans
Increases Damage vs. Demons
Increases Damage vs. Undead
Increases Cold Damage
Increases Electricity Damage
Increases Fire Damage
Increases Nature Damage
Increases Physical Damage
Increases Spirit Damage
Increases Damage Resistance
Increases Magic Resistance
Increases Cold Resistance
Increases Electricity Resistance
Increases Fire Resistance
Increases Nature Resistance
Increases Spirit Resistance
Increases Health Regeneration
Increases Mana/Stamina Regeneration
Increases Attack Speed
Increases Chance of Deathblows
Increases Chance to Knock Back
Increases Chance to Reduce Attack Speed
Enemies Cannot Dodge Attacks
Grants a Bonus to Blood Magic
Grants a Bonus to Evade Traps
Grants a Bonus to Lockpicking
Grants Immunity to Critical Hits
Grants Immunity to Flanking
Grants Immunity to Stun
Increases Healing to This Character
Increases Healing by This Character
Includes an Area of Effect Attack
Increases Experience Gains
Enemies Drop Better Equipment
Enemies Drop More Coin
Improves Blood Magic
Improves With Level-Up
Messy Kills
Bonus For Complete Item Set