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Location: The Wounded Coast (Act III)

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If you completed the quest Raiders on the Cliffs in Act II, then the first time you enter the Wounded Coast, you'll get ambushed by Evets, an archer, and a thug. None of these enemies will drop anything interesting when they die.

1 - The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect

If you examine the scroll on the ground here then you'll gain the "letters and notes" codex entry for The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect, and also the quest The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect.

2 - Elfroot

3 - Piles of Bones

Inside each of these piles of bones, you'll find a Qunari Sword, which you'll need for the quest The Lost Swords.

4 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find the recipe for Fell Grenades.

5 - Embrium

6 - Magus Tavarin Hall

Hall will sell you mage gear, including the Ring of the Ferryman.

$ - Locked Chest

  1. World exit.






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