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Location: Lowtown (Act II)

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If you explore Lowtown at night, then you'll encounter groups of mabari war hounds and Dog Lords. If you kill enough of these groups, then you'll trigger the quest Hometown Breed.

1 - Lady Elegant

Lady Elegant will allow you to craft potions in her shop.

2 - Apparel Shop

The tailor will sell you mage gear, plus Rigid Boning (an armor upgrade for Isabela).

3 - Lirene's Fereldan Imports

You'll be able to purchase a variety of goods from Lirene's shop, including Vain, a Tear of Ferelden, and Armor Struts (an armor upgrade for Anders).

4 - Trinkets Emportium

From this shop you'll be able to buy a Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel and a Signet Ring. Purchasing the ring will trigger the quest The Tethras Signet Ring.

5 - Weaponsmithy

6 - Gamlen's House

7 - Keran / Macha / Keran's Father

Depending on how you completed the Act I quest Enemies Among Us, you'll either find Keran, his sister Macha, and his father loitering in this part of the district, or you'll only find Macha. Regardless, none of the characters will have much to say to you.

8 - Armor Merchant

From this shop you'll be able to buy armor, including Impact Plating - Guardsman Pattern (an armor upgrade for Aveline). Next to the armorer you'll meet Smith, who is involved in the quest Pick up Pickaxes.

9 - Spindleweed

10 - Samson (Night)

Samson isn't involved in any quests in Act II.

11 - Arianni

Arianni is involved in the quest Night Terrors.

12 - Merrill's House

This is where Merrill will go when she's not in your party.

13 - Sack (Night)

Inside the sack you'll find A Slave's Life, which will trigger the quest The Book of Shartan when you pick it up.

14 - Ser Roderick

Ser Roderick is involved in the quest How to Frame a Templar.

15 - Isabela's Spot at the Bar

This is where Isabela will go when she's not in your party.

16 - Varric's Suite

This is where Varric will go when he's not in your party.

17 - A Friend (Night)

This Friend will reward you for defeating thugs in the city. See the quest entries for Hometown Breed, Ladies' Lights Out, and The Lowdown for more information.

18 - Martin's Contraband

Martin will sell you rogue gear and poisons here (regardless of how you completed his Act I quest Finders Keepers).

  1. Entrance to the Hanged Man tavern.
  2. World exit.






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