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Companion Quest: Haunted

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You'll automatically receive this quest at the end of the quest A Small Problem in Act III (during which you'll learn that Bartrand's estate is haunted and needs to be cleared out).


Inside Bartrand's Estate (which you can enter in Hightown at night), you'll see and hear some odd things -- including objects floating around and a chair flying up to the ceiling -- but you won't be able to do much until you enter the back room (#1). At that point, many of the locked doors in the estate will open up, and you'll be allowed to enter the master bedroom upstairs (#2).

When you enter the master bedroom, you'll meet a frightened woman. She'll talk to you for a bit, but then she'll flee from the room -- and run right into the arms of an ethereal golem (#3), which will kill her. The golem will then turn its attention to you.

The golem is fairly nasty. It will do a lot of damage to anybody close to it, and a couple times during the fight it will disappear and summon some shades to help it out. The easiest way to defeat the golem is to keep track of who it is targeting, and have that character run around in circles while everybody else damages the golem.

After the battle, you'll discover a shard from the lyrium idol, and you'll have to decide what to do with it:
  • If you give it to Varric, then Varric will gain Varric's Armored Leather Duster plus three new rune slots on Bianca. You'll also gain rivalry points with Anders and Sebastian.

  • If you keep it from Varric, then you'll receive a Primeval Lyrium Rune when you talk to Sandal in your Hightown estate. You'll also gain friendship points with Anders and Sebastian.
Note: You'll also gain friendship or rivalry points with Varric, but the amount seems to depend on what else you've done with him (if you're a friend then you'll probably gain friendship points, and if you're a rival then you'll probably gain rivalry points).

Regardless of your choice, you'll earn 1200 xp at the end of the quest, and you'll find a Rock Band on the corpse of the ethereal golem.

1 - Back Room

2 - Master Bedroom

3 - Ethereal Golem

$ - Locked Chest

  1. Exit to Hightown.
  2. Exit to Hightown. This exit will only appear after you've defeated the ethereal golem (#3).






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