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Main Quest: On the Loose

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You'll receive the message "On the Loose" from Knight-Commander Meredith at your estate in Hightown at the start of Act III. Accepting this message will trigger the quest.


In the message, Meredith will ask you to meet with her in her office in the Templar Hall. When you show up there, Meredith will tell you that there was an "incident," and that several phylacteries were destroyed and several mages escaped. She'll then ask you to track down three of these mages. If you tell her "I'd be glad to help," then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian. If you say "I'm no ally of yours," then you'll gain rivalry points with Sebastian.

To learn more about the three mages, you'll need to talk to Meredith's assistant, Elsa. Elsa will tell you the names of the mages and where you can find them:
  • Emile de Launcet. You'll find Emile's family in the De Launcet Mansion in Hightown at night. When you talk to them, you'll learn that Emile's mother gave Emile some money so he could escape, but that he went to the Hanged Man tavern to buy booze instead. When you exit the mansion, you'll get ambushed by a group of mages, but you should be able to finish them off before they can do much damage.

    Inside the Hanged Man tavern, you'll get three ways to deal with Emile:

    • You can let him go. This will earn you friendship points with Anders and Isabela, and rivalry points with Aveline and Sebastian.

    • You can turn him over to the Circle after he's slept with Nella. This will earn you friendship points with Aveline, Isabela and Sebastian, and rivalry points with Anders.

    • You can turn him over to the Circle right away. This will earn you rivalry points with Anders, Aveline and Isabela.

    It won't make any difference which option you pick.

    Note: If you have Isabela in your party, then you can suggest that she sleep with Emile, but she'll refuse, and you'll gain rivalry points with her.

  • Evelina. In Darktown you'll meet Evelina's adopted children, Walter and Cricket. They'll tell you that Evelina ran into the nearby Sewer Passage when the templars came looking for her. If you tell the children "I want to help Evelina," then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian. If you tell them "Stop wasting my time," then you'll gain rivalry points with Sebastian.

    In the Sewer Passage, you'll have to deal with a few traps (T) and demons, but shortly you'll come to Evelina (#1), who will transform into a series of demons and attack you. After the battle, you'll automatically talk to Walter and Cricket again, and you'll be given the opportunity of donating 5 sovereigns to them. If you give them the money, then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian. If you tell them "People change," then you'll gain rivalry points with Sebastian.

  • Huon. You'll meet Huon's wife Nyssa in the Lowtown alienage during the day. She'll tell you that Huon recently contacted her, but that he had changed, and that she now thinks the Circle might be the best place for him. To capture Huon you'll need to return to the alienage at night. However, when you arrive Huon will kill Nyssa and then use her blood to attack you. Huon is a nasty blood mage, so focus on him and try to kill him quickly, and then mop up any remaining shades. You'll find Boots of the Champion (the version depending on your main character) and the recipe for Fell Poison on Huon's corpse.
After dealing with the three mages, when you return to Meredith, you'll receive 1200 xp for completing the quest. If you tell Meredith that the templars were to blame for what happened, then you'll gain friendship points with Aveline and rivalry points with Fenris. If you don't blame the templars, and if you have Anders in your party, then he'll blame the templars for you. If you subsequently say "Maybe Anders is right," then you'll gain friendship points with him, but if you tell him to "be quiet," then you'll gain rivalry points with him.

Note: After completing the quest, you'll receive messages from Elsa and the Comte de Launcet at your Hightown estate. These messages will add 10 sovereigns total to your reward.

1 - Evelina

2 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the recipe for Runes of Devastation.

3 - Treasure Room

Inside this room you'll find four chests that you can loot for some random gear, plus a Qunari Sword that you'll need for the quest The Lost Swords.

  1. Exit to Darktown.
  2. Exit to Hightown.






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