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Secondary Quest: The Bone Pit

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After completing the quest Birthright, you'll receive a letter from either Athenril or Meeran, depending on who you worked for in the Prologue. The letter will indicate that a merchant named Hubert might have a job for you in the Hightown market. Reading the letter will trigger the quest.


When you talk to Hubert, you'll learn that something bad has happened at his mine, which is located at the Bone Pit. Apparently, the miners have stopped reporting in, and the mercenaries he sent to investigate haven't come back. Hubert will then ask you to try your luck in figuring out what's going on.

When you reach the Bone Pit, you'll find the area in front of the mine littered with dead miners, and you'll get attacked by a large group of looters (#1). Afterwards, when you enter the mine (via Exit A), you'll discover the reason for the bodies -- groups of dragons and dragonlings living in the mine shafts.

Near the end of the mine, you'll run into a fleeing miner named Jansen (#2). He'll tell you that the miners were digging a new tunnel when the wall collapsed and dragons started pouring through. "It was a bloody slaughter!" He'll also warn you about another dragon ahead.

When you exit the mine (via Exit B), you'll encounter a Mature Dragon. This dragon will breathe fire and buffet its wings (knocking back / down melee attackers) but otherwise it's not especially powerful. For best results, don't keep your party clumped together. Try to move your melee attackers to one side of the dragon and your ranged attackers to the other side, and be ready to take control of your ranged attackers (to run them around) if the dragon decides to target them. The dragon will also pause for a moment before breathing fire, giving you a chance to move your characters out of the way. When the dragon dies, you'll receive over 1000 xp, and you'll find a Dragon's Fang (needed for the quest Herbalist's Tasks), Swarm, The March of Thunder, and a Belt of the Chastened on its corpse.

With the dragon threat removed, when you report back in to Hubert in Hightown, he'll be thrilled with your work, and he'll reward you with 3 sovereigns and 400 xp. He'll also offer you half of the mine, which you'll accept no matter what you say. Finally, Hubert will ask you to get the miners back to the mine, which will trigger the quest Get Back to Work.

Note: When you talk to Hubert at the end of the quest, if you tell him that you're not interested in the mine or that you'll accept his deal "for the workers," then you'll gain friendship points with Aveline. If you demand to be paid upfront, then you'll gain friendship points with Varric but rivalry points with Aveline.

1 - Looters

2 - Miner

3 - Mature Dragon

  1. Front entrance to the Bone Pit Mines.
  2. Back entrance to the Bone Pit Mines.
  3. World exit.






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