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Location: Lowtown (Act I)

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In Lowtown at night you'll get attacked by groups of Sharps highwaymen. Once you've defeated enough of these groups, you'll trigger the quest Sharp Little Pinpricks, which will allow you to invade their base of operations.

1 - Lady Elegant

The first time you visit Lady Elegant, she'll give you the recipe for Elfroot Potions. You'll be able to order potions from her shop once you've discovered the necessary resources.

2 - Vincento's Northern Merchandise

Vincento will sell you a variety of items, including potions, armor, and weapons. Vincento is also involved in the quest Wayward Son.

Next to Vincento, you'll find a pedestal that will give you the "places" codex entry for Kirkwall - Lowtown. You'll also find a leaflet nearby on the wall that will give you the "letters and notes" codex entry for A Badly Copied Leaflet.

3 - Apparel Shop

At this shop you'll be able to buy a Backpack, an Inscribed Leather Harness (an armor upgrade for Varric), and more.

4 - Lirene's Fereldan Imports

Lirene will sell you an assortment of items, including the recipe for Runes of Frost. Lirene is also involved in the quest Tranquility.

Besides Lirene, you'll also find a donation box in the shop, which you'll be able to use to make a single donation. If you donate 5 sovereigns then you'll receive 200 xp, if you donate 1 sovereign then you'll receive 100 xp, and if you donate 50 silvers then you'll receive 50 xp.

5 - Trinkets Emportium

6 - Weaponsmithy

One of the weapons you'll be able to buy here is the dagger Thrice-Bound. When equipped by a rogue, it increases their Cunning attribute by 50% when picking locks and disarming traps. That means if you keep the dagger around, you'll only need a Cunning score of 27 (instead of 40) to pick open and disarm everything.

7 - Sergeant Melindra

If you completed the quest "The Urn of Sacred Ashes" in Origins by allowing Brother Genitivi to spread the word about the ashes, then when you reach this part of Lowtown (#7), you'll witness a swindler trying to sell pouches of the ashes. Once he's completed his spiel, Sergeant Melindra will shoo away the crowd and give you the quest "Miracle Makers." To complete the quest, you'll just need to kill the swindler and his Carta bodyguards (#7a), and then return to Melindra. For your efforts, you'll receive 1 sovereign and 250 xp.

8 - Sergeant Joanna

If you saved Vigil's Keep rather than Amaranthine in Awakening (or if you chose the "no compromises" history when you created your character), then you'll meet Sergeant Joanna here, and she'll give you the quest The Conspirators.

9 - Armor Stand

You'll be able to buy some armor here, including Underpadding - Guardsman Pattern (an armor upgrade for Aveline).

10 - Samson (Night)

Samson is involved in the quest Wayward Son.

11 - Spindleweed

Spindleweed is a resource necessary for potions. You'll get about 200 xp for picking it.

12 - Gamlen's House

Gamlen's house will function as your base of operations during Act I. You'll be able to order runes, potions, and poisons while you're there (once you've found the necessary merchants, such as Lady Elegant at #1). You'll also receive some messages at the writing desk, and you'll be able to use the storage chest in the main room to store items without fear of losing them.

The first time you enter Gamlen's house, you'll complete the minor quest A New Home? and you'll trigger the companion quest Birthright. You'll also find a "special deliveries" chest in the side room, where you'll be able to pick up any premium content items that you might have purchased / qualified for. Finally, if you click on the book in the side room, then you'll receive the "lore" codex entry for The Cardinal Rules of Magic.

13 - Tree

If you click on the large tree in the center of the alienage, then you'll gain the "lore" codex entry for Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People.

14 - Pedestal

The pedestal here will give you the "places" codex entry for Kirkwall - The Elven Alienage.

15 - Merrill's House

Merrill will begin using this house as her base once you've recruited her (via the quest Long Way Home). Inside the house you'll find three "lore" codex entries: Arlathan: Part Two, Mana and the Use of Magic, and The Maker's First Children.

16 - Cobblestones (Night)

When you click on the cobblestones here, you'll gain one of the "lore" codex entries for The Enigma of Kirkwall. These codex entries are linked to the achievement Archaeologist.

17 - Book

On the ground here you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for Alienage Culture.

18 - Book

On the table here you'll find a book that will give you the "places" codex entry for Rivain.

19 - Suspicious Lady (Night)

The Suspicious Lady will give you the quest Secret Rendezvous.

20 - Isabela's Home Base

Once you've recruited Isabela (via the quest Fools Rush In), this is where she'll go when she's not in your party.

21 - Varric's Suite

This is where Varric will go when he's not in your party.

22 - Book

On the table here you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for History of Kirkwall: Chapter 1.

23 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the Shawl of Dalesdottir, which will trigger the quest "The Shawl of Dalesdottir" when you pick it up. To complete the quest, you'll just need to deliver the shawl to Mais Dalesdottir in the Blooming Rose in Hightown. When you do, you'll receive 50 silvers and 250 xp..

24 - Book

On the floor here you'll find a book that will give you the "lore" codex entry for Maleficarum.

25 - A Friend (Night)

Each time you exterminate a group of thugs in the city, a "friend" will show up here and give you a reward. See Night Lies, Pier Pressure, and Sharp Little Pinpricks for more information.

26 - Marvin's Room

Marvin is involved in the quest Finders Keepers. You won't be able to enter his room until his quest becomes active.

  1. Entrance to the Hanged Man tavern.
  2. World exit.






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