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Secondary Quest: Cavern of Dead

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You'll receive this quest from Jansen at the Bone Pit, but only after you've completed the quest Cave Crawling.

Note: Jansen will leave the Bone Pit map at the end of Cave Crawling. To get him to show back up, you'll just need to exit and re-enter the map.


When you talk to Jansen, he'll tell you that undead creatures have invaded the mines, and so the miners still can't get any work done. You'll find the undead creatures, plus a few traps (T), in the eastern Bone Pit Mines. To clear them out, you'll need to defeat the revenant and arcane horror in the final room (#1). For best results, you should target the arcane horror first, then the revenant, and then mop up the rest.

After the battle, you'll find Persuasion (#2) and the Helm of the Emerald Knights (#3) in the nearby chests, and then when you return to Jansen, he'll reward you with 1000 xp.

1 - Main Undead Battle

2 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the maul Persuasion.

3 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the Helm of the Emerald Knights.

T - Trap

$ - Locked Chest

  1. Exit to the Bone Pit.






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