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Secondary Quest: Raiders on the Cliffs
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You'll receive this quest from Lieutenant Harley on the Wounded Coast.


Harley will tell you that she has a group of Evets Marauders, including Fell Orden and Viktor Longdeath, trapped to the south, but that she doesn't have enough men to charge at them. You'll have three ways to respond:
  • You can say this isn't your fight. You'll gain rivalry points with Aveline, but nothing will change, and you'll be able to come back later.

  • You can work with the guards. If you've used mostly the diplomatic or aggressive dialogue stance in the past, then you'll get an option to rally your troops, and doing so will earn you friendship points (for the diplomatic stance) or rivalry points (for the aggressive stance) with Aveline.

  • You can take on the bandits alone. This will earn you rivalry points with Aveline, and you'll have a tougher battle, but you'll have a much better chance of disarming the numerous traps this way, which can earn you 1000 extra xp.
Regardless, you'll have to battle Fell Orden (Viktor Longdeath will somehow disappear), plus an assortment of thugs and raiders. For best results, you should head straight for Orden and take him down quickly before he can cast anything. After the battle, you'll find the Robe of the Notorious Pirate, Flex-Chain - Guardsman Pattern (an armor upgrade for Aveline), and a Swatch of the Jackyard on Orden's corpse. Picking up the swatch will trigger the quest "Swatch of the Jackyard," which will net you 1 sovereign and 750 xp when you deliver it to the Ship Spotter at the Docks (during the day).

After dealing with the Marauders, when you visit with Jalen in the Viscount's Keep, he'll reward you with 3 sovereigns.

Note: If you complete this quest, then you'll get ambushed by Evets in Act III.






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