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Main Quest: Shepherding Wolves

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After completing the quest Blackpowder Promise, you'll run into Sister Petrice in Lowtown (at night). She'll be looking for someone "native to the dark places beneath Lowtown," but instead of finding assistance, some of the locals will decide to rob her. When you rescue Petrice from this mugging, she'll invite you to meet her in her safehouse in Lowtown. This invitation will trigger the quest.


Inside Petrice's Safehouse, Petrice will introduce you to a bound and silenced qunari mage named Ketojan, and she'll ask you to escort him out of the city using an underground passage so you can avoid detection. If you accept this task, then you'll gain friendship points with Anders, Bethany and Merrill, and rivalry points with Varric. If you refuse, then you'll gain friendship points with Varric, and rivalry points with Anders and Bethany. Either way, the quest will still be active.

When you exit the safehouse via the trap door in the back room, you'll find yourself in the Undercity Warrens (#1). As you make your way through this area, you'll have to fend off giant spiders and thugs (#2), and you'll also have to deal with several "simple" and "standard" traps (T). Ketojan will follow along behind you during this trek, but he won't assist you in any of the battles.

Eventually, you'll exit the warrens (via Exit A) and arrive at the Vimmark Mountain Pass. There you'll run into a band of qunari (#4), who will tell you that they've been tracking the bodies of Ketojan's karataam (group of mages and handlers), which have led them straight to you. The leader of the quanri won't blame you for the murders -- he'll just assume that you're a thief and a scavenger -- and so he'll only demand that you return Ketojan to him. You'll have three ways to respond:
  • You can hand Ketojan over. This will earn you rivalry points with Anders.

  • You can refuse to hand Ketojan over. This will earn you friendship points with Anders, Aveline, Bethany, Carver, and Merrill.

  • If you have a mage in your party (including yourself), then you can point out this mage to the qunari leader. This will earn you friendship points with Merrill, provided that the mage you mention is Anders.
Regardless of what you say to the qunari, they'll attack you, and Ketojan will end up dead. However, if Ketojan survives long enough to kill himself rather than die at the hands of the qunari, then he'll give you a Talisman of Saarebas. None of the qunari will drop anything interesting when they die.

After the battle, you'll decide to pay Petrice a visit, since she obviously set you up. When you reach her safehouse in Lowtown, you'll find her packing up, preparing to leave. When you question her about what happened, she'll fully admit that she used you and hoped you would die. "A massacre of citizens protecting a slave might have forced the Chantry to doubt appeasement, to see the qunari for the monsters they are." If you respond to this with "Just pay me," then you'll gain friendship points with Carver and Varric, and rivalry points with Aveline. If you say "I should kill you," then you'll gain rivalry points with Varric. Regardless, you'll receive 7 sovereigns and 400 xp at the end of the quest.

Note: You'll see Petrice again.

1 - Warrens Entrance

2 - Thugs

3 - Chests

Inside one of these chests you'll find Boots of the Fallen (if you're playing a warrior), Boots of the Spiral Eye (if you're playing a mage), or Last Descent Boots (if you're playing a rogue).

4 - Qunari

5 - Silverite

T - Trap

  1. One-way exit from the Undercity Warrens.
  2. World exit.






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