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Side Quest: The Fixer
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If you burned the bodies of the qunari delegates during the quest Offered and Lost, then after completing the quest you'll receive a "fixer" message at your estate in Hightown, and accepting it will trigger this quest.


The anonymous message sender will indicate that he has some "formerly living things" that need to be disposed of. You'll find these dead bodies in three places:
  • Darktown, in the southeastern corner
  • Lowtown (at night), in the residential district
  • The Docks (at night), at the harbormaster's office
Each time you pick up a body, you'll be shown a place on your current map where you can dispose of it. However, at two of the locations (Lowtown and the Docks), you'll meet some street thugs standing over the body, and you'll have to choose between attacking them or disposing of the body. If you attack the thugs, then you'll find The Runner's Retort (in Lowtown) and Embroidered Dancing Shoes (at the Docks), and you'll earn 600 xp total for defeating them.

After dealing with the first three bodies or groups of thugs, you'll learn that there's a fourth body located at the Wounded Coast (on the western side near the exit). When you reach this body you'll find another group of thugs waiting for you. Depending on what you did in the first part of the quest, one of two things will happen:
  • If you killed one or both of the earlier groups of thugs, then this group will thank you for avenging their comrades, and they'll walk away. This will complete the quest.

  • If you disposed of all three bodies, then this group of thugs will attack you, and you'll earn 400 xp for defeating them. You'll then need to dispose of the current body and return to the writing desk at your estate to complete the quest.
Either way, you'll receive 1500 xp as your reward.






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